Pro Wrestling EVE – Reign After Queendom


When last we left our heroines in EVE, WrestleQueendom III was in the books! The Medusa Complex managed to pick up the tag straps in the main event, while Rhia O’Reilly continued her reign as the EVE champion, with help from newest faction member Skye Smitson. Debut wins were had, returns were made, and JINNY WANTS DA BELT!

Ahem. Let’s get to the Resistance Gallery, shall we?

PRO WRESTLING EVE – Reign After Queendom – The Resistance Gallery – February 1st, 2020

Video of all the happenings at Queendom airs first.

Emily welcomes us to the show, and while I’m normally not like this, she’s looking super-cute tonight. I swear, that’s the only remotely thirsty thing I’ll say, I promise. I hope Dann (or Emily’s mohawk) doesn’t find and kill me. She tells us that up first is an open challenge for the EVE tag team titles!

And the dulcet tones of Mr. Rob Zombie welcome the champs! Charli Evans and Millie McKenzie make their way down the steps and I think Charli is having a pretty good time being a babyface out there. She cuts a promo about not winning the belts the first time, even though they didn’t lose, but they went all over the world and won tag team gold! And now that they’ve got these belts, they’re not just the best tag team in EVE, they’re the best tag team in the entire country!

I really, really fucking love Charli Evans. There is not a single female worker I would take in the WWE over her. Hell, there might not be a male worker I would take either. NXT excepted. Maybe Asuka or Kairi. But I’d have to really think about it.

Anyway, she says that they had a match scheduled tonight, but one of them was too fucking scared to show up, so it’s an open challenge!

The music of Clementine hits in response, and she’s down with Aleah James! We have some lambs for the slaught….uh, challengers! They hit some sweet dance moves which Millie does her best to imitate and include Charli in, but Evans just takes off her gear and gets ready to destroy these fools.

The Medusa Complex (Charli Evans/Millie McKenzie) vs Aleah James & Clementine – Pro Wrestling EVE Tag Team title match

Aleah and Charli look to start us off. Lockup and they go to the corner, and Charli….gives a clean break?

Alright, hang on here. There are some things I just can’t abide, and Charli Evans giving a clean break is one of them. I don’t care if Aleah saved your dog from getting run over in the street, Charli; you WILL take that fucking cheap shot!

Anyway, Evans schools James down to the mat and tags in Millie, who promptly grabs a headlock. She takes Aleah to the mat for her turn to have some fun, then back to Charli for a seated surfboard. The Complex continue to cut the ring in half and torture James some more, including Evans putting on a hammerlock/crab combination that looked neato keen.

Finally, James manages a takeover and tags in Clementine, and it’s dance-off time! Well, Clementine dances, while McKenzie appears to have a series of seizures whilst standing up. Everyone’s having a grand ol’ time, until Charli leans over the ropes and reminds Millie that they’re supposed to be KILLING BITCHES. So, Millie hits Clementine with a cheap kick and all is right with the world. Clementine comes back with armdrags and a crossbody to express her displeasure, and there’s tags on both sides. Not sure why Clementine tagged there, because Charli goes back to beating on James like she never stopped.

Aleah finally gets an offensive move when she manages a Matrix dodge and a headscissors takeover, but Charli immediately cuts her off, hits a suplex, and tags in Millie. Then, in a neat bit of why I like this team so much, Millie tries for a submission and James makes the ropes, and you can see the expression on McKenzie’s face just change. Her new expression is “playtime is now over”, and she aggressively pounds away on Aleah now, with Charli cheering her on. See, Millie will play at being a babyface, but you piss her off, the dark side comes out.

Tag to Charli, who puts Aleah in a bee-yoo-ti-ful STF, with Millie pushing the bottom rope away from James with her foot. Little stuff, man. It’s perfect. James makes the ropes AGAIN, and now Evans is pissed off. Tag to Millie and she puts James in a cravat, then takes her down and pounds away for two. They trap James in the corner, but miscommunication ensues and Aleah finally manages to get to her own corner, and it’s hot tag Clementine!

Clementine runs wild on both Medusas, hitting a dropkick that sends both to the corner and follows that with a splash on both champs. Double bulldog gets two for Clementine, who then tags James back in. Why? Aleah’s been getting whooped this entire match! Regardless, James does manage to hit a clothesline and a DDT on Millie for two. She goes up, but Millie catches her so Aleah turns it into a wheelbarrow rollup for two. Crucifix bomb by James! 1, 2, Evans breaks it up!

James charges Millie and eats a back elbow for her troubles, and there’s a blind tag to Charli. Aleah comes again, but this time Millie ducks and Evans wipes out James with a superkick. Flying forearm from McKenzie sends Clementine into the wall, and a knee strike/German suplex combo finishes things for the Complex. THE MEDUSA COMPLEX OVER ALEAH JAMES & CLEMENTINE, PINFALL, 11:39

THOUGHTS: ***. I have to say, based on the first part of this match, I expected a squash at best, but the Medusas are so good, they make almost anything watchable. Then the match turned on the hot tag and went nuts in the last few minutes, which really revved my engine on it. It was pure tag formula, and I love me some of that goodness. Evans and McKenzie have one hell of a rapport when it comes to knowing how long one needs to stay in the ring, how much to give their opponents to keep the crowd into it, how much they need to be assholes, and how to play all of that off one another. Overall, this was really a showcase match for the Medusas, but I’ve got zero issues with that. This was fun.

Post-match, Millie gives the challengers some love while Charli just takes off. Excellent.

Emily on the mic now, and she tells us that this show had a lot of changes that needed to be made, due to illness and the like, so why not pass the buck onto Dann and have him explain? Dann tells us that due to these problems, Chakara, Zoey Lucas (NO AVRIL? THANKS BE TO THE GOD I DON’T NECESSARILY BELIEVE IN!), and Gisele Shaw couldn’t make it tonight. But since they have a great fucking roster at EVE, they’ve made some adjustments.

Since Shaw and Sammii Jayne were supposed to have a title match tonight and Gisele is refusing to team with Sammii because of their loss, there will be a different title match tonight. It’ll be our main event, a 4-Way dance between Sammii Jayne, Nina Samuels, Laura Di Matteo….and the music of one Laura Di Matteo hits as LDM makes her way down the steps to the ring.

Laura is super-cool with being in a title match and all, but after Queendom, she needs to get her hands on Skye Smitson, and that needs to happen right now! Dann seems disinclined to acquiesce to that request, but as Laura puts it, she ‘doesn’t give a shit’. Alrighty then. The music of “The Uprising”, the new name for Rhia’s stable hits, and out comes Skye with Livvii Grace and Nightshade.

Dann tries to step between the two women as Skye gets the mic. “Laura, Laura, Laura.” She doesn’t owe Laura or these people anything! Why would she waste her time with Di Matteo when Laura couldn’t even win a title? Skye isn’t a coward, Laura, she’s just smarter than you are. Dann Read’s facial expressions while he’s trying to keep the two women apart are absolutely tremendous. But, Skye says, Laura does have something that MAY convince Skye to fight – Laura is in the main event. Perhaps, if she really wants to get her hands on Skye, she’ll put that spot on the line? Because Laura is, of course, the most babyfaciest babyface that ever babyfaced a babyface, accepts that challenge right away.

Laura Di Matteo vs Skye Smitson – winner heads to the main event 4-Way
Skye enters the ring as nonchalantly as possible, so Laura welcomes her with a dropkick. A few more takedowns and Skye bails to the outside. Grace and Nightshade prevent Laura from diving after her, allowing Smitson to sneak in and attack from behind. Skye beats on her for a bit as Di Matteo sells it like she’s dying. I love this woman.

Laura finally comes back with a crossbody out of the corner, but Skye blocks a Fisherman’s Buster and goes to work with a suplex after some shots. Ground and pound and goodness me, but Skye needs to work on her ‘pound’. Everything misses by a mile, and that’s an aspect of the game I think should be a strength for Skye. She’s got a long, tall body with long arms that should make both strikes and kicks look good, she just needs to get them down.

Laura trips Smitson into the ropes and dropkicks her there, then hits the Fisherman’s suplex for two. Skye comes back with a vicious stomp to the stomach of Laura. Skye stomps to jaw at the crowd and here comes Di Matteo. Forearms! Clotheslines! Laura is en fuego! Enzuigiri sets up a tornado DDT, that gets two for Laura. She puts Smitson in the submission now, and Grace and Nightshade get on the apron. But Laura doesn’t release the hold! Laura’s been watching her Sting matches!

So, Grace and Nightshade do the next best thing, since they can’t interfere in the match apparently, lest they get Skye DQ’d – they go ahead and interfere in the match, pulling Skye to the ropes by her foot. What the fuck was that? Was the ref supposed to be distracted or something, because it sure didn’t look like she was to me. So NOW, with the hold broken, Laura’s brain cells fall out of her head, as is wont to happen to babyfaces in many situations, and she goes after Grace and Nightshade on the apron. She spears them both off, but that allows Smitson to roll Laura up for the pin with her feet on the ropes. SKYE SMITSON OVER LAURA DI MATTEO, PINFALL, 5:53

THOUGHTS: **. Yikes. I think Skye has all the potential in the world, but it’s potential at best right now. She missed stuff all over here, with strikes going wide and her pin barely getting her feet on the ropes. Di Matteo did everything in her power to make Smitson look good out there and sold her ass off, but with the finish the match had along with the work and time, there wasn’t much saving this one.

So now, Skye will take Laura’s place in the main event title match tonight, as Di Matteo looks despondent while Smitson celebrates with Nightshade and Livvii. One question, of course, remains: what title will the main event be wrestled for?

Bea Priestley is on commentary for this show, if that gives you any clue.

Emily is back as she announces another match, and there’s the music of Mercedez Blaze! I like her. And her opponent will be Nor “Phoenix” Diana, who defeated Zoe Lucas at WrestleQueendom!

Let’s see how this unfolds.

Mercedez Blaze vs Nor “Phoenix” Diana

Blaze takes her to the corner and pats her on the head to break. Nor returns the favor, so Blaze punches her in the face. More strikes from Mercedez now, but Nor comes off the ropes with a ‘rana and a seated dropkick for one. Nor with more shots in the corner, Blaze moves on a blind charge, Nor catches her anyway into a straightjacket neckbreaker for two.

Nor misses another charge, and Blaze takes advantage with running double knees and a suplex into the buckles for two. Blind charge hits both feet of Diana and Nor goes up, but Blaze slams her off and hits a Meteora for two. Dar comes back with clotheslines and double feet to the stomach of Blaze. Discus clothesline gets two for Nor, and she goes up again.

Crossbody off the top from Nor gets two. Blaze rolls to the ropes, then comes back in and hits a giant backbreaker before absolutely ANNIHILATING her with a power bomb. 1, 2….and Blaze pulls her up. Oh, Mercedez. Blaze misses a blind charge in the corner, which allows Nor to hit a Stunner (or a Cutter, I really wasn’t sure from the angle) and pick up the 3 count. NOR DIANA OVER MERCEDEZ BLAZE, PINFALL, 6:37

THOUGHTS: **1/2. Just a match. Blaze is really good and Diana is really green, but they had some decent stuff in here. That power bomb looked crazy good.

Emily tells us that our next match is a 30 minute time limit, non-title match. And here comes the entire Uprising, as the EVE champion Rhia O’Reilly makes her way to the ring with Nightshade, Skye Smitson, & Livvii Grace in tow. And there’s the music of Jinny! The real Queen of wrestling (Charlotte Flair can be the court jester) hits the ring as the crowd gives her a “Yas Queen!” chant.

According to commentary, this is the first time these two have met in a one on one matchup.

Rhia O’Reilly (C) vs Jinny – non-title match

Crowd chants for Jinny to start, and Jinny’s got the biggest smile on her face. Aww. I like it when wrestlers like being babyfaces. They exchange a few moves to start, then we go to chain work, which ends up in Jinny’s favor, so Rhia goes to a knee and a Finlay roll. Cool – O’Reilly is the brawler, Jinny is the wrestler.

A few running knees to the corner have Rhia in trouble, compounded when O’Reilly runs into an elbow off a blind charge. ‘Rana by Jinny puts Rhia down now. La Majistral gets two. Rhia finally yanks Jinny to the mat by her hair and gets a curb stomp to take over. Facewash and Rhia sends Jinny to the corner, then chokes her against the ropes. Down to the mat and Rhia with a surfboard.
Rhia sends Jinny to the corner, but the charge hits feet and Jinny slaps on an Octopus stretch now. Rhia tries to escape, so Jinny sunset flips her and stomps away. Jinny misses a charge, but so does Rhia and Jinny kicks her in the face, but O’Reilly avoids the delayed senton. Belly-to-back suplex gets two for Rhia. Senton gets two for Rhia.

Rhiadjustment is blocked, Rhia grabs the leg and taunts Jinny, so Jinny hits a crazy fast spinkick to the face. I barely saw her spin, it was that fast. Big forearm by Jinny and she goes for the Acid Rainmaker, but Rhia turns that into a uranage for two. They trade strikes in the center of the ring as the crowd is very into this, and Jinny absolutely levels Rhia with a forearm, then drops her with a knee for two.

Jinny gets her up and looks to finish, but Rhia blocks that with a knee to the face with the braced knee. Rhiadjustment attempt is escaped by Jinny, but they exchange waistlocks and Rhia gets a Tiger suplex, following that with the leaping Rhiadjustment for the clean as a sheet pin. RHIA O’REILLY OVER JINNY, PINFALL, 9:26

THOUGHTS: ***1/2. This one got very good over the last few minutes and I think there was a lot more story to tell here, but the match just kind of ended. I would have liked to see them go about double the time, to be honest; Jinny fighting up from underneath the bigger Rhia was just as good as I thought it would be, but the pacing of the match was fast in some spots and slow in other spots, and I couldn’t really find a rhythm for it as a result. It looked like they were going to tell the story of wrestling vs brawling, but that kind of got lost, and the psychology was a bit all over the place. But Jinny was her usual great self, Rhia did okay, and the match was good as a result.

Two matches for the Uprising, and two wins. Interesting.

Rhia flips off the crowd as the commentary points out that Rhia didn’t use any help tonight to get the win.

Emily is back and she introduces the debuting Katey Harvey! She makes her way down and waits for her opponent, who turns out to be Valkyrie! Yay! I like her! She may have the Viking gimmick or whatever in NXT UK, but here it’s still ABBA on the entrance music and my fingers in my ears. She attempts to do her entrance dance without Debbie, but it doesn’t quite have the same panache.
Valkyrie may have been my favorite non-Jinny wrestler at Queendom, so I hope they let her show off a bit here. She cuts a funny promo on Katey before the match, claiming that the real reason that Debbie isn’t there with her tonight is that she doesn’t like Katey Harvey, which is news to Katey.

Valkyrie vs Katey Harvey

Valkyrie avoids the lockup to start as we’re told that Harvey actually trained Valkyrie. Valkyrie then proceeds to clown her by avoiding almost everything else, so Harvey puts her in a bow-and-arrow for her insolence. Valkyrie escapes that and offers Katey her leg now, and her charisma is coming off in spades.

They do an awkward pinfall reversal sequence, then Harvey puts on a headlock, telling the crowd that it’s a really good headlock. It does seem to be. Valkyrie shoots her off and Katey tries a monkey flip, but Valkyrie cartwheels out of it. Yeah, I think we’re someday gonna be talking about how we watched Valkyrie back when, because she’s got all the tools to be a goddamn star.

Harvey has had just about enough of this shit and puts Valkyrie in a pendulum stretch, but Valkyrie escapes with a kick to the knee, then the arm. Valkyrie gets caught on a crossbody and tossed in a fallaway slam, then a straightjacket choke by Katey. Valkyrie tries to escape, but Harvey hangs onto it something fierce. Valkyrie finally does escape, but Katey puts her back down with a superkick for two.

Stomps from Harvey now, then a boot choke in the corner. Spinning side slam gets two for Katey. Valkyrie makes an escape after sliding through Harvey’s legs coming off the ropes, then hits a neckbreaker. Moonsault by Valkyrie gets two. Valkyrie goes up, but Katey cuts her off, then hits a Perfectplex off the second rope for two. Short DDT by Harvey and she goes up now, but Valkyrie brings her down with a Pele kick. Leaping enzuigiri has Harvey in trouble, and Valkyrie comes off the top with legdrop to the back of the head to get the pin. VALKYRIE OVER KATEY HARVEY, PINFALL, 9:56

THOUGHTS: **3/4. The match had a bit too much stalling at the beginning, mostly due to the student/teacher story that they were trying to get over, but goddamnit, Valkyrie has enough charisma to keep anything fun to watch. She’s gonna be huge. Harvey was fine here and played her part quite well, so no complaints. Fun match but probably could have been two minutes shorter and the point would have come across exactly the same.

Emily asks us to welcome Jetta to the ring! No problem for myself or for Carly Simon. The Princess Diana of Pro Wrestling EVE makes her way down and hits the mic. She tells us that she was supposed to wrestle Skye tonight, but that’s not happening, so she’d like to talk about something instead. This year is the 10th Anniversary of Pro Wrestling EVE, and Jetta runs down her experiences in the company. She was in the first ever SHE-1, where she got zero points, but she doubled that to one point in the second year, then 2 points in the third year! And this last year, she got her points by pinning Rhia O’Reilly!

Her title shot didn’t work out exactly as she planned, due to Nightshade’s interference, but it still took two Rhiadjustments to put her away in that match. When it’s her and Rhia one on one, Jetta wins. And now Rhia has something she wants – it was special for Jetta to win the tag titles with Erin Angel, especially because they were the first ever EVE tag champs. But the EVE title has eluded her forever, even going back to before EVE, when women’s matches were a joke, a piss break, when they weren’t even allowed to change in the locker room. So to be in EVE, to have shows like this every month, it means the world to her. And last month, she won the first ever Queendom Rumble, and she’s going to win every match from now on until she’s back in title contention! So Rhia, I hope you’re listening….and the music of the Uprising cuts her off.

This was a GREAT promo from Jetta. She’s one of the best promos in EVE, but in this one, she managed to combine her comedy persona with a very poignant bit about the meaning of EVE in her life and in the overall context of women’s wrestling. This came off as very much from the heart, very much like she believed in what she was saying and that every word had emotional resonance behind it. So it’s much easier to believe in and follow her because of that, and is very much an epitome of why it matters more who’s delivering the promo than anything else. I doubt this promo was written out, but even if it was, Jetta SOLD it. She crushed it. This was far better than 99% of most WWE promos just because of those reasons.

Anyway, the entire Uprising makes their way out and Rhia gets the mic. She points out that she was on the first-ever EVE show as well, it was her first wrestling show period. And she never gave up on the fans and retired, and at the 10th Anniversary show, she’ll still be the champ even beyond that. She tells Jetta that Jetta has no idea…..and the Uprising swarms Jetta and destroys her 3 on 1. Rebel Kinney and Laura Di Matteo run down to make the save.

The announcers point out that Rebel is scheduled to be in action against Nightshade next, and that is indeed what happens!

Rebel Kinney vs Nightshade

Double leg by Kinney to start us off, but Nightshade quickly recovers with strikes. Rebel comes back with a shoulder in the corner, Rebel with a headbutt. Nightshade counters a DDT attempts into a Samoan Drop and a senton for two. Boot chokin’ in the corner from Nightshade, then a biel throw. Another!

Big chop in the corner from Nightshade wakes Kinney up a bit, and she comes back on offense, then stomps away on Nightshade. Nightshade comes back with a suplex. They’re just doing moves out there. Seated stretch by Nightshade and they jaw at each other. Clothesline by Nightshade, but a second one misses and Kinney gets a crossbody. Second one by Kinney is caught, fallaway slam by Nightshade. Rebel no-sells it and hits one of her own.

Death Valley Driver by Kinney gets two. Both of them back up now and they exchange forearms, then Nightshade gets a release Northern Lights and double knees to the back of Rebel, Cannonball in the corner gets two for Nightshade. Chokebomb finishes. NIGHTSHADE OVER REBEL KINNEY, PINFALL, 6:29

THOUGHTS: **. Stumbling and awkward in spots, my biggest gripe with the match is that it was just them doing moves to each other most of the way. I never got that extra stuff I get in matches, with transitions and the impression that we’re seeing a struggle – it was you hit yours, I hit mine type stuff. I’m not especially high on Kinney but I think Nightshade has a ton of potential; this, however, wasn’t really representative of that.

Your burlesque performer tonight is Scarlett O’Hora.

Main event time! The announcers can’t figure out which belt is on the line here.

Oh, I’ve got a pretty good idea. And don’t think I’m not unreasonably excited about it.

Skye Smitson is first out, and maybe I’m a bit nuts, but I get a really ‘Night of the Living Dead’-type vibe from Rhia’s appearance at the beginning of their entrance video. Sammii Jayne is next down the steps, and Nina Samuels makes her way out as the last challenger to her usual nuclear heat. Only one woman left, and that’s the champ….

….and it’s JAMIE HAYTER! The EVE International champion hits the ring for the first time in EVE since winning the title at WrestleQueendom 2! Bea Priestley goes nuts on commentary as you would expect. Resistance Gallery goes nuts as you would expect. Rick goes nuts in his living room as you would expect. Crowd chants “Welcome back!” as Jamie hits the ring, making sure to shove her title belt into the face of all three of the challengers, because she’s fucking awesome.

Emily intros everyone, with Jamie taking another chance to rub the strap in Nina’s face (because as you’ll no doubt recall, it was a triple threat with Utami and Nina in which Jamie won that title, including her pinning Nina in the decisive fall, so there’s history there and EVE remembers that shit), so Nina attacks as Jamie’s being introduced! Ring the bell!

Jamie Hayter (C) vs Nina Samuels vs Sammii Jayne vs Skye Smitson – 4-Way Dance for the Pro Wrestling EVE International title

One fall to a finish here. Nina and Jamie immediately head outside, with Jayne and Smitson in the ring. Jayne works her over and gets a leg lariat and a belly-to-back suplex with a bridge, but Nina breaks that up. She stacks up Jayne and Smitson in the corner and hits double knees before covering Skye for two, as the announcers bring up the history between Hayter and Samuels.

Hayter back in the ring with Samuels now, and Jamie dominates with forearms and an uppercut before Nina yanks her down by the hair. Jayne attacks, but Nina runs her into the corner and snaps the neck for two. Irish whip by Nina, but Jayne keeps going and runs into a tope to Smitson and Grace on the floor, so we’re back to Nina and Jamie in the ring. Works for me.

They proceed to have a dandy few minutes of intensely beating on each other, but Skye comes back in to break that up and GODDAMNIT Skye, if you’re going to lay in those kicks, lay them in! Nina’s tough! Anyway, Skye goes after Jamie next and they seem to have better chemistry or whatever, as Hayter sells her ass off and Skye seems a lot more comfortable letting fly. Big kick gets two as Nina is back for the save, and then Skye argues with Nina until Jayne come back in with a double dropkick off the top.

Sammii in control on both Nina and Skye now. Nice rolling ‘rana on Samuels by Jayne. Double knees in the corner by Sammii gets two on Nina. Smitson back in now with some weak-looking shots on Jayne, but Jamie puts a stop to that and just destroys Skye with forearms in the corner (done with crazy intensity) and then a running knee strike that just destroys Smitson. I mean, it was really fucking good. Neckbreaker by Jamie gets two. Hayter is just light years beyond everyone else in this match.

Spinebuster by Hayter, then a Boston Crab. Samuels puts Jayne in a Gory stretch at the same time, and who will tap out first? Hayter decides not to find out, as she lets Skye go and kicks Nina to break up the Gory. Nina and Jamie face off and have a crazy awesome battle trading forearms, but Jayne breaks that up with a jumping enzuigiri on Hayter, so Nina kicks Sammii in the head to thank her.

Nina goes up, but so does Jayne, and now Jamie joins them, so Nina cartwheels off the top rope as Jamie goes for the superplex on Sammii. Then, in one of my favorite things in this match, Samuels goes for the powerbomb on Jamie, who completes the superplex on Sammii and then rolls through it to hit a Falcon Arrow on Sammii and force Nina to save the pin. That sequence was excellent. Skye tries to steal a pin after, but can’t.

Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Nina on Skye, then a uranage backbreaker on Samuels by Jamie, then a spin into a running knee by Jayne on Hayter has everyone down again, except for the crowd, who is going nuts and chanting ‘EVE!’, then chanting for Jamie. Back up and a big 4-way brawl happens. Jamie and Nina gain an advantage and they nod to each other, then toss Skye and Sammii to the floor and proceed to go at it. TREMENDOUS.

They clobber each other and Jamie puts Nina on the top, then heads up herself. Nina fights her off and goes over the top, sunset bomb off the top for Nina! 1, 2, NO!!! Hayter stops another attempt with a backdrop, then just DROPS Nina with a lariat. 1, 2, Skye breaks it up! Superkick by Smitson! Jayne back in with a lungblower and the sliding german off the ropes on Skye. Skye with strikes on Jayne and Smitson attempts to remover the buckle, but the ref stops it. Smitson and Jayne end up backing into the corner as the ref fixes the turnbuckle, and the ref is bumped.

Livvii and Nightshade hit the ring now and destroy Sammii. Hayter tries to clothesline both women, but they haven’t been through a grueling match and they no-sell it. So Jamie backs up….into Nina Samuels. Hayter audibly says ‘Fuck’ and seems resigned to trying to beat down 3 women at once…..but Nina turns and she and Jamie destroy the Uprising instead! The crowd goes CRAZY for that. And they toss Nightshade and Livvii to the floor, upon which Nina promptly turns on Jamie and tosses her to the floor was well. PERFECT.

Samuels tries to hit her spinning crossbody onto Jamie on the floor now, but shorts it and ends up hitting the side of the ring. I hope she’s alright, because she’s been terrific in this match. Skye realizes that she’s all alone in the ring with a weakened Jayne and tries to get the ref up and sets up to finish, but Laura Di Matteo comes off the top with a dropkick in exactly the same way that Skye did to cost her the match against Rhia at WrestleQueendom, and that leads to a Driver from Jayne and the 1, 2, 3. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a NEW Pro Wrestling EVE International Champion! SAMMII JAYNE OVER SKYE SMITSON, NINA SAMUELS, & JAMIE HAYTER, PINFALL, 15:41

THOUGHTS: ***3/4 or ****. I’m genuinely torn about rating this match, and yes, I’m torn over ¼ of a *. On the one hand, Nina and Jamie put on one hell of a match in there, with Jayne doing fine on her end when she needed to. On the other hand, Skye was not ready for this and it showed. I can only imagine how great the match would have been if Laura had been in it. I feel like there was enough here, especially between Nina and Jamie, that I want to go 4, but there’s this part of me that feels like 4 is a threshold that I don’t want to hit because there were real issues with parts of this match. But the story and history with Jamie and Nina were well-visited, as was the finish calling back to Queendom with Laura costing Skye…..there’s just a lot to unpack in this one. I’ve watched it twice now and I still can’t quite wrap my head around where I’m at with it.

Crowd cheers as Sammii gets the title to make her the first woman in EVE to hold every title in the company. Jamie comes back in, having not been pinned to lose her title, and grabs the belt out of Jayne’s hands. She backs up….then comes forward and puts the belt on Jayne’s shoulder, as we’ve very possibly seen the last of Jamie Hayter in EVE for the year 2020. Jayne holds up the belt was we fade to black.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A lot went on in this show, actually. First off, I’ll say this – they finally did the right thing and gave O’Reilly’s crew some wins. Love them or hate them, they needed this, and they won 3 of their 4 matches tonight, with both Rhia and Nightshade going over clean. I’ve made a bunch of jokes at the expense of EVE when it comes to Rhia’s faction being mediocre at best, and one of the ways to solve that is to put them over people. So kudos to that. We started Jetta’s path to the title again if they choose to go that route with her promo tonight, so I’m fine with that, what with the 10th looming soon. For in-ring work, this was a mixed bag. 3 of the matches were, in my estimation, at *** or better, which is great for a 7 match show, but some of the matches that were less than that, were, to put it mildly, far less than that.

Overall, this was a good outing from EVE, but not one that’s going to go into the annals of EVE’s great shows. It functioned as a goodbye in many ways to Jamie Hayter, which is sad but probably necessary, as I suspect she’s in Stardom for the long haul.

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