AEW Unrestricted Podcast Episode #2 – Cody

This was released on February 27, 2020

Your hosts are Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone

It runs at 53 minutes long


We start out with Cody saying how its fun to be at TV for wrestling again and how that was not always the case. Tony adds how he usually had fun at TV except from 1999-2000. Aubrey then talks about how they had a contest with about 20 people to see who could throw a plastic water bottle into a trash can and Cody, who initiated the contest, ended up winning. Cody says it was by luck.


Back to the locker room talk as Tony says AEW is not just building a roster with talent but also looking for good people. Cody says the big requirements when building the roster were using fresh talents and what he said was “extra credit,” which is people who like doing everything even outside of their job. An example of that is someone that wants to learn behind the camera stuff or even how to become a referee. Cody says there are no lazy people in the company.


Cody says that you can ask the Young Bucks and Tony Khan and they might tell you differently but he says that AEW came about due to the All In PPV. He then goes on to say how his wife Brandi took the very first meeting with Khan then adds how Khan has a very “analytical” brain. He tells a story of being at a Jacksonville Jaguars game and impressed how Khan ran stuff and remained down-to-earth at the same time. Cody also said that Khan is a much different type of boss than others he has had in the past, with Tony agreeing.


They bring up Cody’s love for both Star Wars and Star Trek with Cody saying both are very different and says that Star Trek is more smart people with Star Wars being for everyone. He talks about not being able to watch both at the same time and gets one out of his system before going to the other. We get about five more minutes of Star Trek talk


Back to wrestling with Cody saying the two people who helped him the most as a wrestler was Robert Gibson, who taught him the fundamentals, and acting coach Howard Fine. Cody said that he thought he was too small to become a wrestler and wanted to try acting but decided he would rather wrestler but that Fine helped him tremendously. Cody said that his dad recommended Fine for the WWE Performance Center but then the company had to get away from using him as Fine was too expensive to use.


We take a short break as Cody talks about the drama of the match with his brother and his interview in Charlotte to hype his match against Chris Jericho at Full Gear were his two favorite moments this year. Cody then talks about the promo and how to never believe any wrestler who says they do their promos “off the cuff” as they all practice in their car, doing it at the gym, testing in front of the other wrestlers, and getting lines from songs.


Cody talks about Chris Jericho and how Jericho never felt like Cody was at his level in WWE and is not sure if he does now. Cody adds that while Jericho was never rude to him he acted like Cody was beneath him. Cody hopes that Jericho thinks he rose to his level.


Back to the promo in Charlotte, Cody said that Tony (Schiavone) told him not to lean down into the mic during the promo and gives him some credit for the promo then the two talk about how they do not know each other nearly as well as Tony did with Dusty and want to create some moments together.


Cody also talks about how his experience in WWE helped other talent that had never been on live TV before.


Tony talks about the AEW creative process and the rest of the EVP’s living all over the country. Cody says there is always criticism when something goes wrong about how they need one vision and adds how people say they should hire (Vince) Russo. Cody compares the process like a band that if one person brings in a song you want to support that process even if you have a different version. Cody adds that the Young Bucks are very meta and Kenny is rooted in Japanese Wrestling and talks about himself loving the old-school wrestling. Aubrey then wonders if Khan ever sleeps as Cody puts him over for being able to multi-task and how he loves all sorts of wrestling and can remember tons of facts and dates.


Cody is asked about the “Bash at the Beach” themed show and how the WWE was not too happy and there will not be another Bash from AEW. Cody puts over the WWE for doing a great “custodial” job of wrestling history but how they also bought WCW and people lost jobs as a result then goes into how he was not making money off of the Bash at the Beach name. He also jokes about wanting to use as many WCW show titles as possible to piss off WWE to the point they give him the “Starrcade” name. He then argues Dave Meltzer’s point of Bash at the Beach and Starrcade not being Dusty’s idea and wants to be able to use these show titles as they mean a lot to his family.


Tony asks Cody about Arn Anderson being his “coach.” Cody talks about Arn as an agent in WWE and how his word meant a lot when giving reports back to the office that you could get sent back down to Developmental and even fired. Arn also gave positive reinforcement but would tell you to your face when you messed up, unlike others that would lie to your face about doing good and turn around to bury you to the office.


Back from break where Tony talks about Dusty creating the Starrcade name and how he took wrestling to new heights. Cody also adds a story about his dad told to him by Paul Heyman. Heyman said when you used to drive to the Crockett offices the parking lot was full of Gremlins and Pintos and over time it was filled with Mercedes and other luxury cars because everyone was making money due to Dusty’s booking. Heyman told Cody never listen to anyone who said his dad was the reason Crockett Promotions went out of business.


Aubrey asks Cody if Dusty would have followed him to AEW. Cody said his dad had a cushy job teaching promo class in NXT and said it was really like a life class in they would talk a lot and watch movies. Cody also said his dad was really loyal and added how his mom probably would have not let his dad leave WWE.


Cody also adds how when he was 12 years old his dad told him never to let anyone do any angles posthumously. Cody then said he does not want any angles mentioning his dad as Tony notes Jericho does his own thing as Jericho brought him up in a promo.


On his brother Dustin, Cody said they are polar opposites as human beings and has now learned how to deal with this. He also talked about leading his match against Dustin.


Cody now talks about wrestling as a kid and wanted to get the “chick pop” that those like Brad Armstrong, Sting, and even his brother received. Tony adds that the chick pop is not a thing anymore as you just hear the fans.


Tony adds how Cody was a high school amateur wrestling star. Cody said he went 101-2 and his dad would come to all his meets


He talks about when we was Stardust in WWE he thought about how he should have went to college and was even thinking about leaving WWE and becoming a high school wrestling coach.


Aubrey and Cody talk about the locker room and how Cody said he was mad at himself for getting into White Claw and likes the ruby flavor. Cody talks about not drinking much but when he does goes for an IPA as he likes a full-flavor. Aubrey adds that she hates IPA’s and lives in Seattle where they are everywhere.


Cody then tells Aubrey how Frankie Kazarian and “CD,” who I presume is Christopher Daniels, went to bat for her as a referee in AEW and that she has earned it and done a great job. Cody even tells Aubrfey how much Jim Ross adores her work with Aubrey talking about how awesome it was to hear Ross say “Gearl Hebner” on his podcast. Aubrey closes out by mentioning how much fun she has each Wednesday night.


Final Thoughts: A decent listen overall. Not as wrestling focused like Moxley’s podcast and a lot more fluff but still some tidbits in here. And like the Moxley podcast it was a breezy listen. The chemistry of the shows have been good as things keep moving with the theme, while still a work in progress, sees Tony ask the questions with Aubrey doing follow-ups and just keeping things moving by being upbeat.