WWF Superstars – November 19th, 1994

November 19, 1994

From the Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, VT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

Today’s featured match is The Undertaker vs. Jim Neidhart. Plus, Bret Hart & British Bulldog as guests on the “Heartbreak Hotel.”


Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart w/ Owen Hart vs. The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

On the way to the ring, Neidhart says he’s going to bury The Undertaker. Vince says the Survivor Series will be the final encounter between Undertaker and Yokozuna. Neidhart hesitates going into the ring so Undertaker ducks out and walks towards him. Undertaker predictably gets stomped going into the ring but comes back with a big boot. Undertaker chokes out Neidhart in the corner then goes to work on the arm. Undertaker misses a clothesline then Neidhart comes back with one of his own. However, Undertaker sits right up and boots Neidhart in the gut. Neidhart then catches Undertaker in a powerslam for two and then chokes him out on the mat. Paul Bearer heads up the aisle as Neidhart clubs away. Owen yells about Undertaker only being a “human” and how Neidhart will take care of him. Neidhart uses a suplex for a two count then Bearer returns with a casket at ringside. Neidhart now stomps away but Undertaker fights back and hits a flying shoulder tackle. He then boots Neidhart through the ropes and into the casket as Neidhart panics before escaping then ends up getting counted out (6:05) *1/2.

Thoughts: The math itself wasn’t bad and paced well enough, especially since Neidhart was involved. However, the ending was a dumb way to put over the casket match. Like, just have Undertaker beat someone you don’t want to protect and put them in the casket. I’d think that would be more effective.


We see how IRS has repossessed John Dough’s burial plot so he can pay his debt. IRS then warns us to pay our taxes as to not be left with an empty feeling. If you’ve seen one of these vignettes then you’ve seen them all. Same goes for any other IRS vignette for that matter.


Also in action today are Razor Ramon, King Kong Bundy, and Adam Bomb.


Adam Bomb vs. Reno Riggins

Lawler believes that Bomb’s career as gone downhill since dumping Harvey Whippleman but Vince disagrees. Riggins takes down Bomb but as Vince says Guts & Glory will be victorious at Survivor Series. Bomb clotheslines Riggins after a reversal sequence then Riggins hammers away after an eye rake. Bomb avoids a charge in the corner then hits a flying clothesline before the Atom Smasher for the win (2:22).

Thoughts: Some hype for the Guts & Glory vs. Million $ Team match at Survivor Series. And some teasing by Vince about Lawler losing to Doink at Survivor Series, which would be a show-long theme.


WWF Live Event News with Charlie Minn. He hypes the 11/26 MSG show and how there is no special guest referee for Bret Hart vs. Bob Backlund, which will take place regardless what happens at Survivor Series. They way it was heavily pushed how Bret vs. Backlund at MSG was taking place no matter what you get the feeling whoever loses at Survivor Series is not going to be getting a rematch.


Jeff Jarrett is in front of his dressing room mirror getting ready for his match.


We get a hype video for next week’s Bam Bam Bigelow vs. British Bulldog match.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Mike Bell

Bell backs Jarrett into the ropes but soon after that gets stomped. Jarrett then connects with a dropkick while Vince hypes Jarrett vs. Fatu on the “Action Zone.” Vince now hypes Bret vs. Backlund at MSG with no guest referee and it can be won only via pinfall in a No DQ setting. Bell comes back with a pair of slams but whiffs on a flying leg drop. Jarrett now works the leg then puts on the figure four and gets the win as Lawler talks about Jarrett not liking Chuck Norris and how he wants to get a closer look at the casket match for Survivor Series (2:45). The announcers then talk about Jarrett’s album. Jarrett then heads up the ramp and threatens to slap the taste out of Norris’ mouth “double-J” style.

Thoughts: They really had Jarrett play up how much he hated Norris and now its even more obvious a confrontation between the two will take place at Survivor Series. And speaking of Jarrett, the talk about his singing keeps increasing so something is building for that and of course we get hype for his match against Fatu.


We get an ad for the WWF RAW is WAR video game.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill.


Razor Ramon vs. Nick Barberry

Vince hypes Razor vs. Diesel for RAW and how one of them could get really hurt heading into Survivor Series. Razor chops Barberry hard against the ropes then tosses him out from the corner. Razor hits a fallaway slam as Vince brings up Razor being one of the wrestlers who have to fly straight from Survivor Series in San Antonio all the way to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Razor toys with Barberry then hits a super back suplex before the Razor’s Edge gets the win as Lawler says that Diesel & Shawn Michaels are on the Survivor Series Hotline (3:01).

Thoughts: Lots of hype for the Survivor Series and Razor vs. Diesel on RAW.


Heartbreak Hotel with guests Bret Hart & British Bulldog. Shawn first asks Bret about the pain he experienced in the crossface chicken wing then cuts him right off. However, Backlund & Owen comes out and tells Bret he will never put Backlund in the Sharpshooter. Owen also assured Backlund that the towel is a formality and swore to him he’d never throw in the towel and how Bulldog will have to put Bret out of his misery. Backlund then says he knows the hatred between Bret and Owen and has the Hart Family King in his corner and he’ll never throw in the towel, which is all that matters. Backlund then goes mental and screams while jumping up and down how he will be champion. Shawn then asks Bret to comment as Bret says Backlund is from the “lost” generation and at the Survivor Series, he is fighting for his family, the title, and every single young child who believes in him and will be carrying the flag for the New Generation. Bret’s theme plays as Backlund angrily stares at Bret. Much better hype segment than the King’s Court thing from RAW. Backlund’s facial expression at the end was just great and Owen is great in his role of angry, jealous younger brother.


Mike Healy is our special guest ring announcer.


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Ben Jordan

Bundy beats on Jordan in the corner to start. The announcers marvel at his size as Bundy pulls up Jordan after a two count then soon after that hits the avalanche then a knee drop and gets the five count for the win (0:59). Vince then teases Lawler harder about Doink beating him at the Survivor Series

Thoughts: They’re trying to present Bundy as a force but he continues to look terrible and nothing more than a relic from the past. Vince also talked about taking a closer look at Undertaker’s casket as Lawler freaks out.


Live Event News airs.


The hosts are backstage in front of the casket. Lawler is freaked out as Vince calls him a “chicken” for not touching it then sells the casket match for Survivor Series. They are trying to hype up this match premise as much as possible. However, like I’ve been saying, this feud is not too fun the second time around.


Final Thoughts: The final push for Survivor Series continued here, with lots of focus on Bret/Backlund and Undertaker/Yokozuna. And we get another featured match next week and on that show will deal with the Survivor Series fallout.