Your comment recently about Otis (“the world needs midcard comedy acts”) made me wonder about something. Who are your favorite Jobbers to the Stars? This is, and always has been, my favorite category of wrestler for reasons I can’t fully explain. Here are some of mine:

Koko B. Ware

Steve Blackman

Tyler Breeze

Tye Dillinger

Santino Marcella (Who, it bears mention put on one of my favorite matches I’ve ever seen live against Fandango in like 2014. It was the opening match, and it was so funny and so entertaining that I still think about it sometimes even today.)

Godfather and to a lesser degree Val Venis were two of the best ever in that position during the Attitude Era and they completely flushed the characters down the toilet for no reason with the RTC bullshit.  Godfather in particular could have done opening comedy matches FOREVER and lasted well until the 2000s with that gimmick.  Even if they stopped being hookers with the content crackdowns, it’s not like “Blinged out cool black guy accompanied by a harem of women” was some foreign concept that couldn’t translate without the context.