WWF Monday Night RAW – November 14th, 1994

November 14, 1994

From the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Ted DiBiase


Unfortunately, the WWE Network version of the show omits the entire 1-2-3 Kid vs. Bob Backlund and I was unable to find the match online


We see Backlund have Kid in the crossface chicken wing after the bell has rung. Bret Hart finally comes out as Backlund releases the hold. Several officials run in to separate Bret and Backlund and we even see old Gerald Brisco as one of the officials. Backlund is now yelling at Bret and says what he did to Kid was a reminder of what he will do to him at the Survivor Series. Backlund heads up the aisle but then we see Bret slide outsisde and attack Backlund. Bret put him in the Sharpshooter then lets go and heads into the ring to tell Backlund that at the Survivor Series he will never let go and vows to make Backlund history. Good segment and nice to see the Sharpshooter get some hype in this feud. Too bad we missed Kid/Backlund though.


The announcers talk about Bret vs. Backlund at Survivor Series.


The New Generation Ad with the old lady beating up several muggers from stuff she learned by watching RAW airs.


Mabel w/ Oscar vs. Blue Phantom

Vince calls the Black Phantom “Blue” this week. Mabel backs Phantom into the corner then takes him out with a hip toss. The announcers talk about Guts & Glory vs. Million $ Team at Survivor Series as Mabel stays in control of the match. Phantom avoids an elbow drop as Vince says Lex Luger, Razor Ramon, The Undertaker & Paul Bearer, Doink & Dink, and British Bulldog will be on the NY Daily News float during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade then Mabel hits an uranage for the win (1:58). Vince plugs an article on Mabel in “WWF Magazine” and how he tells kids to stay away from gangs and drugs.

Thoughts: Generic Survivor Series hype and Vince telling us about WWF Superstars at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Those on the float had to fly straight from the Survivor Series to the Parade. In his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast, Bruce Prichard was quite sarcastic in saying how much Luger loved being there.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill.


Vince plugs the Survivor Series magazine with Undertaker on the cover.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Gary Sabaugh

The Italian Stallion is back doing job duty at the Fernwood Resort. Before the match, Jarrett once again puts himself over as the world’s greatest singer, entertainer, and wrestler. The announcers talk about Sonny Bono being a congressman as DiBiase jokes about buying him off. Jarrett uses an arm drag then a scoop slam before strutting around. Sabaugh fights back and slams Jarrett, who retreats to the corner. Jarrett cheap shots Sabaugh and chokes him out on the ropes as Vince puts over the Bad Guys vs. Teamsters Survivor Series match. Jarrett continues to work over Sabaugh but gets surprised with a sunset flip for two. Jarrett then avoids a dropkick and works the leg as DiBiase says he’s paid his men so much money there is no way they can be unhappy. Sabaugh surprises Jarrett with a small package for a two count as Vince plugs Jarrett vs. Fatu for Action Zone. Jarrett goes back to the leg and puts on the figure four and gets the win (3:12). Vince brings up Jarrett’s “Ain’t I Great” album as DiBiase says they have all sold out and that Jarrett is an amazing singer.

Thoughts: A semi-competitive match here with Sabaugh getting in a decent amount of offense. Anyway, Jarrett is getting pushed more than usual here and they keep bringing up his album. They also pushed Jarrett vs. Fatu for the Action Zone.


Vince now plugs the Survivor Series Hotline.


We see IRS in the cemetery in the same vignette from this weekend.


King’s Court with guests Owen Hart and British Bulldog. Owen tells Backlund that unlike Arnond Skaaland he will never throw in the towel. Owen then says that British Bulldog will have to throw it in to save Bret at Survivor Series. Bulldog has a towel with Bret’s colors on it and tells us all that Bret is champion, not Backlund. Bulldog then says Bret will remain champion after the Survivor Series. Owen says that Bulldog is wrong as their is no chance for Bret to escape the chicken wing and that the Sharpshooter pales in comparison. Owen wants Bulldog to do him a favor and let Bret suffer in agony before tossing in the towel. Bulldog says he will never throw in the towel no matter what and for Owen to tell Backlund try and put his chicken wing on the “Excellence of Execution.” Vince then asks DiBiase where Bulldog found the towel as DiBiase jokes it was from Victoria’s Secret, which angered Vince. Not much of a segment (Bulldog is weak on the mic) and I don’t think you needed this on the show since we had an actual Bret/Backlund confrontation a half-hour prior but they really want to beat you over the head with the match stipulations.


An ad to hype Owen vs. Bulldog and Smoking Gunns vs. Heavenly Bodies this week on “Sunday Night Slam.”


“Portuguese Man-O-War” Aldo Montoya vs. Brooklyn Brawler

Montoya is enhancement talent PJ Walker underneath a mask. DiBiase tells us he’s heard great things about Montoya and is keeping an eye out on him. Brawler whiffs on an elbow drop but yanks Montoya down by the hair. Montoya fights back and uess a slam and a dropkick then flies out with a pescado. Montoya rolls Brawler back into the ring but ducks his head and Brawler comes back with a corkscrew neckbreaker. Brawler gets a two count with a neckbreaker and continues to target the back but whiffs on a clothesline. Montoya hammers away after using a hurricarana then uses a flying body press for the win (2:39). DiBiase then stands up after the match and goes to approach Montoya.

Thoughts: Montoya looked solid here but sold an awful lot of Brawler in his debut match. These two actually had a match at the 10/2 Cornwall, Ontario show when Lombardi was using the Abe “Knuckleball” Schwartz gimmick that was decent enough given the circumstances. And according to Wade Keller of the “Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter”, the company thought of Montoya as a “another 1-2-3 Kid” by WWF management in terms of potential and reliability.


An ad for the WWF RAW is WAR video game.


Back from break and DiBiase is in the ring with Montoya. DiBiase says he’s a hard man to impress but that Montoya has a lot of potential and offers him an opportunity of a lifetime, a chance to join the Corporation. Montoya gives an answer in what I guess was supposed to be Portuguese so DiBisae holds up a fan of $100 bills and asks him again. Montoya now speaks English and says he already gave an answer and tells DiBiase to stick his money in his ear. Based off of this not only can you assume something involving Montoya and The Corporation but also somewhat confirms Keller’s report about Montoya. However, the segment itself was really awkward.


Alundra Blayze is now at ringside with the hosts. She is dressed in something I can best describe as Cruella Deville going to the Kentucky Derby.  Vince brings up Blayze’s match against Bull Nakano in the Tokyo Dome. Blayze says its an honor to represent the WWF in Japan and vows to comeback as champion. So we now know the next Women’s Championship will take place in Japan. The division continues to get a minimal overall push.


Hype for Jarrett vs. Fatu on the Action Zone and the Sunday Night Slam show.


Also, next week is Razor Ramon vs. Diesel.


The show closes with a highlight music video of the show with DiBiase yelling at Montoya for not taking his money, saying he must be an “immigrant.”


Final Thoughts: Lots of focus on Bret/Backlund and hype for Survivor Series and Sunday Night Slam. The action itself (well, at least the Network version) was lacking but we get a big feature bout for next week as Survivor Series is just nine days away.


Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Friday: WWF Superstars 11/19/20, WWF Wrestling Challenge 11/20/94

Saturday: WWF Action Zone 11/20/94

Sunday: WWF Sunday Night Slam 11/20/94

Monday: WWF Monday Night RAW 11/21/94

Tuesday: WWF 1994 Survivor Series

Wednesday: WWF Superstars 11/26/94

Thursday: WWF Madison Square Garden 11/26/94