The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 02.26.20

The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 02.26.20

Live from Kansas City, MO.

Your hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

Iron Man match:  Kenny Omega v. Pac

Jim Ross actually points out before I can say it, that the Young Bucks accompany Omega to ringside, but not tag team partner Hangman Page.  Kind of a dick move, Kenny.  They start with the test of strength and Kenny works a wristlock off that, but Pac flips out of it.  They trade forearms and chops and Pac superkicks him and goes for the Brutalizer, but Kenny powers out with a crucifix.  Kenny with a rana to put him on the floor and he follows with the Terminator Dive.  Back in for the Krusher for two and Kenny tries You Can’t Escape, but Pac ironically does escape and Omega misses the moonsault.  He comes back with the snapdragon, but Pac runs away and suckers Kenny to the floor for a slugfest out there.  Pac tries a moonsault off the apron and Kenny catches him, but Pac turns it into a DDT on the floor and both guys are out.  Back in, Kenny goes up, but Pac cuts him off and they fight over a superplex.  Kenny sends him down, but Pac springs back up and hits a damn brainbuster off the top.  Jesus.  Pac goes up with a missile dropkick for two off that and goes to a chinlock, but Omega uses the power of the Terminator clap to fight out.  Pac puts him down again with a cutter, and that gets two.  Pac drops knees on him and chokes him out on the ropes, then adds more chops.  Kenny gets FIRED UP and gives him a straight boot into the corner, and man, on my brand new 87.4” 16K resolution TV, you can see all the welts and bruises on their chests!  They slug it out and this time Pac hits the straight boot and follows with a german suplex, but Kenny fires back with the kneelifts and Tiger Driver for two.  This sets up the One Winged Angel, but Pac fights out of that, so Kenny hits a DEEP german suplex right on Pac’s head and folds him over…for two.  DAMN.  If I didn’t know better I’d say Kenny was pretty good at this wrestling stuff.  Kenny with the V-Trigger in the corner and he takes Pac to the top for an Angel up there, but Pac reverses again to a powerbomb this time, and puts Omega on the top rope.  Kenny drops Pac on the turnbuckle facefirst, however, and a V-Trigger gets two.  COME ON.  Pac bails and goes hunting under the ring, then blasts Kenny for the first ever DQ in AEW at 16:03!  But Kenny is unconscious and the Bucks tend to him during the 30 second rest period, and Pac blasts him with a  boot out of the corner and hits the Black Arrow for the pin at 17:14 to even the score.  We take a PIP break while they do the rest period, and Pac goes up again, but Omega bails to escape and Pac follows him out and sends him into the railing to continue the punishment.  Back in, they slug it out again and fight to the apron, where Pac hits a damn falcon arrow off the apron and to the floor.  Kenny fights back in, but Pac dropkicks him back to the floor and takes out the ref in the process.  So Pac uses this opportunity to set up a table with bad intentions, then hits a damn shooting star press off the top and through the table.  What else can you say but OH MY GOD THEY KILLED KENNY!  However, Kenny dives into the ring at 9.99999 with the help of the Bucks, which just pisses off Pac even more.  So he goes up to finish with another Black Arrow, but Kenny gets the knees up and makes the comeback with a V-Trigger.  He holds Pac up and hits another one, then follows with a uranage for two.  Another V-Trigger on the ropes but Pac won’t go down, and in fact he comes back with a reverse rana and spins into another DDT and the Brutalizer in the middle.  Kenny rolls for the ropes but Pac hangs on, so finally he has to gut it out and escape on the second try.  Pac goes right back to it again with a minute left, but Kenny powers out, and then Pac wraps him up again as time expires at 30:00 and it’s apparently a draw.  Pac takes out his frustration on the ref, but they restart it under sudden death, and Kenny fires off the V-Trigger with Gurl Hebner taking over, and that gets two.  One Winged Angel finishes and Kenny wins 2-1.  Ain’t nothing touching this one tonight.  ****1/2

Pac stops for an interview with Tony, who basically asks him “Well, you spent months chasing Kenny and this is what you accomplished?”  That doesn’t sit well with Pac, but Orange Cassidy comes out to stand up for Tony and gets beaten down as a result.  Why they gotta keep beating up poor Orange?

Santana & Ortiz & Sammy Guevara v. Luchasaurus & Jungle Boy & Marko Stunt

Luchasaurus cleans house on the heels and Marko comes in with a missile dropkick to put them on the floor.  Jungle Boy hits them a dive, but they catch Marko on his dive and the Inner Circle triple-teams him in the ring.  And we take a break and return with Marko getting beat up in the heel corner, as Sammy gets a powerbomb for two.  Marko rolls into the hot tag to Luchasaurus, and he runs wild with kicks and hits a standing moonsault on Ortiz.  Sammy gets in his face, so the Jurassics team up and destroy him with a triple superkick in the corner, and Luchasaurus kicks him down for two.  It’s BREAKING LOOSE IN TULSA as everyone bralws, but LAX double-teams him with a slam for two, but Marko saves.  LAX takes Marko out on the floor, but Luchasaurus hits them with a moonsault, leaving Sammy and JB in the ring.  Sammy grabs the TUBE SOCK OF DEATH, but Darby Allin pops out and steals it, allowing Jungle Boy to finish with the rana at 9:40.  Lots of fun here!  ***

Best Friends v. The Butcher & The Blade

Orange is sadly still selling the punch from Pac, and Blade takes out Chucky while Butcher attacks Trent from behind.  Butcher with a gut wrench on Trent and Blade trades chops with him and drops him on the top rope.  Trent fights back with a dropkick and makes the tag to Chuck, and the Friends chase Blade to the floor as we take a break.  Back with Trent hitting a tornado DDT on the Blade, but he follows with a dive to the floor and gets sent into the railing.  He recovers with a spear and they’re both out, so that gives us the epic ORANGE CASSIDY v. BUNNY showdown in the ring.  And she POCKET-BLOCKS him and steals his glasses.  So he steals her ears, and hits Butcher with a dive.  This allows the Friends to finish Blade with the Strong Zero at 8:15.  Afterwards, Tony announces that Orange Cassidy faces Pac at Revolution, which is your $30 right there.  **1/2

Yuka Sakazaki v. Big Swole v. Shanna v. Hikaru Shida

Shida and Swole trade rollups for two to start, but then everyone turns on Yuka and boots her out of the ring.  They do a triple test of strength, which Yuka breaks up, and they do a four-way rollup series with everyone getting two.  Swole slugs it out with Shanna and gets booted to the apron and we take a break.  Back with Shida suplexing Shanna into Yuka in the corner, but Swole dropkicks the knee and hits Shanna with a high kick in the corner to set up a cutter for two.  They all exchange near-falls and Shanna hits Yuka with a double underhook driver for two.  Everyone fights to the top and Shanna gets a double stomp onto Yuka and Shida, but Swole hits her forearm to take Shanna out.  Shida hits a backbreaker on Swole and slams Yuka onto Swole for two.  Running knee finishes Swole at 9:47.  This was OK, kind of messy.  **1/2

Meanwhile, The Dark Order lets us know that Christopher Daniels is OBSOLETE.  OK now they’re just messing with everyone.

Meanwhile, JR sits down with the Bucks and the tag champions, and Omega manages to stick his foot in his mouth by declaring their title run “an accident” while Hangman seethes and works on his drink.  The Bucks are like “No disrespect, but we’re the best and we’re winning the belts and then we’ll all be cool”.  This offends Page even more, and the Bucks point out that they brought him into the Elite and the Bullet Club and ROH, at which point his drink is empty and he storms off.  I’m so pumped for that match.

Main Event Weigh-In!

Tony actually brings out Gary Michael Capetta to handle the ring announcing, and he’s definitely looking his age.  Plus his announcement of “Jon Moxley” just isn’t the same as Justin’s.  Man, if he does win the title on Saturday, I expect the most epic JEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-ON ever.  The Inner Circle doing the Gracie Chain down to the ring while the crowd sings their theme is pretty great.  And of course it quickly goes south, as Jericho goads on the crowd and gets in Moxley’s face, resulting a headbutt that busts him open.  Dustin runs in and brawls into the crowd with Hager as they head to the concession.  NOT THE DIPPIN’ DOTS!  THEY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO ANYONE!  Back in the ring, Darby Allin comes out to deal with Sammy, but gets cut off and they fight to the floor.  That leaves Jericho and Moxley to slug it out, but LAX goes low on Mox and Jericho hits him with the Judas Effect and then drops him with a DDT on the scale to stand triumphant and end the show.  So as a go-home angle, great stuff.  As a weigh-in, a total debacle.

Not as good as the last couple of weeks as an overall show, as really nothing could follow the Iron Man match, but it definitely got me hyped for the PPV so mission accomplished.

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