The Omega Powers explode!

You said recently you thought Kenny was going to be the one to finally get the belt off Jericho. Is Kenny next for Jericho, and where do you slot the Page/Kenny feud we're no doubt getting if so?

Do it now and blow it off before moving Kenny on to Jericho, finding something else for Jericho in the meantime?  That seems like a waste of a good first challenger for Kenny.

Keep up the slow build towards the Hangman turn while we get a ton of Elite vs. Inner Circle, then have Hangman turn on Kenny once he has the belt?  That's a lot of good content but they've already been slow enough building up to this.

Turn Page now and have him do a "heel chase" through the Elite while Kenny chases Jericho? There's a lot of moving parts if you're doing two chases at the same time in the same angle. 

Thanks for your time.

I think Kenny is the long game for Jericho but they can let it play out for a while.  They can even do the Moxley change and switch it back to Jericho before doing the long term Jericho feud.  The Elite vs Bucks stuff has got a LOT of juice they can get out of it.