NXT UK – February 27, 2020

Date: February 27, 2020
Location: York Barbican, York, England
Commentators: Aiden English, Tom Phillips

It’s an early show as we have Super ShowDown taking place this afternoon, meaning this show needed to be moved to 10am EST. As luck would have it, we have a major match this week with Toni Storm challenging Kay Lee Rae for the Women’s Title in an I Quit match. That’s not something you get around here very often so let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Ray vs. Storm.

Opening sequence.

Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Hunt

Primate blasts Drake with a clothesline to start and it’s Boar coming in to send him into the corner. Gibson blocks a charge though and comes in, only to run from Boar. As the fans remove their shoes in protest, Drake comes in to dropkick the knee so Gibson can dropkick the head. With Primate being knocked to the floor, a double clothesline gets two on Boar and we hit the chinlock.

A backbreaker sets up another chinlock but this time Boar is back up with his own clothesline. It’s back to Primate to clean house but the numbers game gets the better of him. An enziguri into a neckbreaker/superkick combination gives Gibson two, only to have Boar come back in for stereo German suplexes. Gibson breaks up Boar’s half of the double Swan Dive though and it’s Ticket to Mayhem to finish Primate at 9:50.

Rating: B-. It’s very clear that the Veterans are ready to move on to bigger and better things as there’s nothing left for them to accomplish here. The match was entertaining, though it’s time to give them better competition. There are a lot of teams around here but most of them aren’t on the Veterans’ level and that has become very clear in recent weeks. They’re already showing up in NXT anyway so the move seems to have at least started a little bit.

Video on Ridge Holland.

Jack Starz vs. Kassius Ohno

Starz can’t snapmare him to start so Ohno grabs him with an abdominal stretch. That’s fine with Starz, who powers him up into a stretch of his own. Ohno breaks that up in a hurry and boots him in the face, setting up a backbreaker. The finger bending continues to look painful, as does Ohno suplexing him by the arm. The short armscissor goes on and Starz isn’t about to deadlift Ohno. Instead he slips out and hits a slingshot elbow into a butterfly suplex. Ohno has had it with him though and pulls the arm down again, setting up the Kassius Clutch for the win at 5:02.

Rating: C. Starz is an interesting one as he is trying a lot harder than you would expect someone in his spot. It helps make these matches more interesting as it is likely to end with Starz losing, but at least he is making the matches somewhat interesting. Ohno is fine as someone to build up so someone can knock him down, which is what tends to be his pattern around here.

Isla Dawn is ready for Aoife Valkyrie.

Travis Banks wants Alexander Wolfe next week.

A-Kid vs. Brian Kendrick

Feeling out process to start with A-Kid picking up the pace and shrugging off a headlock. An armbar has Kendrick in trouble and he can’t get off the mat. A dropkick puts Kendrick up against the ropes but he pulls A-Kid’s arm into the ropes to take over. Kendrick’s cravate doesn’t last long as A-Kid slips out and dropkicks him to the floor. The suicide dive connects and a moonsault off the steps puts Kendrick down again. A high crossbody sets up a Fujiwara armbar with Kendrick making the ropes. Kendrick can’t grab the Captain’s Hook so A-Kid is back up with a springboard moonsault DDT for the pin at 6:47.

Rating: C. Another nice match here as Kendrick is at his best putting over a younger guy. A-Kid is someone they see something in so giving him a win here is a good idea. The finisher is impressive, though I’m hoping that he has something else as that kind of a move is going to require some contrived setups.

Dave Mastiff is ready to take the United Kingdom Title from Walter next week.

Women’s Title: Kay Lee Ray vs. Tony Storm

Storm is challenging in an I Quit match. They slug it out to start and head outside with Storm sending her into various things. Back in and Storm Zero is blocked so Storm goes with something like an STF instead. Ray makes the rope but since that means nothing, she keeps crawling until Storm has to let it go. Ray bends Storm’s neck around the ropes and pulls the hair, setting up a Gory Special for a smart change of pace from her norm.

That’s broken up so Storm takes it to the floor and loads up a table. It takes Storm too long to go up top though and Ray catches her on the ropes. Not that it matters as Storm knocks her off and hits a splash through the table (nearly covering before catching herself). Storm Zero on the apron is broken up and a hanging DDT off the apron plants Storm again, this time with a heck of a thud.

Ray busts out the athletic tape and ties Storm’s hands behind her back so the beating can really begin. It’s chair time with Storm’s head being put through the open chair for a superkick. Ray drives the chair into Storm’s neck but she still won’t quit, meaning it’s time to wrap the chair around her neck. Instead of stomping though, Ray stands on the chair. Sid Scala and Piper Niven come out as Ray PILLMANIZES HER NECK. That’s not enough so Ray goes up again, which is enough to make Storm give up at 12:51.

Rating: B. This was an interesting one but it’s more about the future than anything else. Ray beat her up pretty decisively here and the loss should get Storm off of television for the time being. She can move on to the regular NXT (or maybe even higher) as there is nothing left for her to do around here. Let her go away for the time being so she can rebuild herself a bit and then do something bigger in the future.

Overall Rating: B-. Another solid show around here, which has become the case over the last few months. Next week’s show with the big title shot should be fine for a hoss fight as we can then move on for the build towards Takeover: Dublin. I’m not sure what is going to take place there, but there are enough options that I can feel rather optimistic about the whole thing.


Grizzled Young Veterans b. The Hunt – Ticket to Mayhem to Primate

Kassius Ohno b. Jack Starz – Kassius Clutch

A-Kid b. Brian Kendrick – Springboard moonsault DDT

Kay Lee Ray b. Toni Storm when Storm gave up

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