Wrestlers in fighting games

Another video game question for you… Pro wrestling and fighting games both rely on strong characters, a cool moveset and a memorable finishing move. In the age of guest characters in fighting games (Walking Dead's Negan in Tekken, Yoda in Soul Calibur, Arnie
in MK11) do you think we'll see a wrestler starring in a fighting game? Kenny Omega would fall over himself to get into Street Fighter obviously. Vince would be rolling in cash if we could pay to punch Baron Corbin's head off in Mortal Kombat. Who would you
love to see in a fighting game? On the flipside, in fantasy booking land, what fighting game character would draw money in pro wrestling? MK's Johnny Cage would be great on the mic. Street Fighter's Ryu as the babyface chasing the belt?

That's an interesting idea, actually, because we've had goofy guest stars in WWE games before (Arnie!) but they've never really explored the potential gold mine of licensing out WWE IP to other video game properties.  And I'm not sure why they don't, unless it's a situation like the direct-to-video movie deals where WWE wants to make sure to own everything before they commit.  But yeah, Aleister Black in Mortal Kombat or Ricochet in Street Fighter would be pretty awesome.  Or why not a full on "WWE v. MK" crossover game?  That would shake up the stale 2K series instead of just pumping out the same thing year after year.