The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 02.25.20

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 02.25.20

Episode 19, “Strictly Chaos”

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

Tim Storm joins us to start and he just wants us to know that he’s nowhere near ready to give up his career yet, and Thom Latimer should probably stop messing with Momma Storm.  So this brings out Latimer, who assures Storm that their deal is done, and also there’s no dissention between Latimer and Nick Aldis.  But if there was, he’d win.  This brings out Danny Deals, the guy who was playing Momma Storm, and he’s really sorry about messing with Tim’s momma but he’s got a tag team partner to offer.  We get into some weird metaphors about Let’s Make a Deal and doors, and Deals offers a match with his mystery man, and if Storm wins, he can have 5:00 with Deals to avenge his momma.  The guy in question turns out to be Jax Dain, apparently a former NWA World champion and has history with Storm.  OK, that’s something for him to do, I guess.

Meanwhile, Nikita Koloff and Lex Luger are running a MAN CAMP together.

Matt Cross joins us for a promo, and he’s travelled the world but now he wants to make a name for himself in the US.

Ricky Starks v. Zicky Dice v. Matt Cross

Non-title match here, so no 6:05 time limit.  Zicky has a hilarious temper tantrum at the ring attendant because NO ONE TOUCHES HIS FANNY PACK.  Crowd chants “We don’t want it” in response.  Dice and Starks slug it out on the floor and Ricky gets run into the post while Cross just watches, and then hits them both with a dive.  Zicky:  “HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW?”  Crowd:  “We don’t like you!”  Back in the ring, Starks and Cross collide on a crossbody attempt and Dice slips in and rolls them both up for two.  He stops to showboat too much and the other two throw him out.  Cross hits the Cross Cutter on Starks and goes up with the shooting star, but Dice throws him out of the ring and steals the pin at 3:15.  I still hate that finish, but Zicky Dice as walking parody of 80s wrestlers is hilarious.  **

May Valentine has a diary segment that remains a complete waste of airtime.

Aron Stevens joins us and Joe Galli points out that he’s only defended the National title twice, and even then because he ran away from his opponents.  Stevens clarifies that you don’t get to be a third degree National champion by NOT fighting.

The Question Mark v. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch slugs away in the corner to start and puts the Mark down with clotheslines.  Question Mark tries the Mongrovian spike, but misses, and Murdoch finishes with the flying bulldog at 0:39.  And then of course Stevens attacks Murdoch during his celebration and lays him out, then pounds him with short elbows to the ear in the corner.  That was pretty nasty, actually.

Nick Aldis is here to put over how handsome and well dressed he is.  Plus he beat the Rock N Roll Express last week.  So this week, he’s feeling generous and he’ll give Marty Scurll a chance to back out of the $500,000 challenge, but he just has to come out and admit that Nick is the better man.  So Marty does answer the call, and he wants to just do the thing TONIGHT, IN THIS VERY RING.  So Marty gets all worked up in the ring, but Aldis is just playing it cool and waits until his goons come out for backup before offering Marty a chance to back out of this challenge.  But then Brodie King from ROH comes out of the audience and attacks Aldis and a big brawl erupts as security breaks things up.  Good old school heat segment here.

Eddie Kingston joins us, and apparently I haven’t been giving him enough credit in these for his promos.  So I will do so now:  Kingston is a hell of a promo and tremendously entertaining and one of the best parts of the show.  So this week, Eddie wants the Pope and he’s PULLING OUT HIS PUNK CARD.  “I saw you back there, you probably called the cops, you snitch!”  Them’s FIGHTING WORDS!  Apparently the Dawsons are no longer around, either.  Pope does indeed answer, but doesn’t want to stand near Eddie because he doesn’t like to stand close to trash.  So Pope does one of his wacky promos about how he’s PIMPTASTIC while Kingston gets all worked up.  The Bouncers come out to back up Kingston, but Pope clarifies that although he doesn’t drink, he’s always got money for beer, and SHA-BAM, the Bouncers turn on Kingston and join with the Pope!  And they haul Kingston to the ring and destroy him to turn heel.  Another great old school heat angle here.

NWA World Women’s title:  Thunder Rosa v. Melina

Melina has some words for Rosa, who wants to fight, but Melina decides to walk out and Rosa wins by countout.  Allysin Kay chases Melina back to the ring, but Kamille heads out and takes out Kay with a spear and seems like she’s the next challenger as we’re out.

Pretty much nothing in the ring this week, but the Scurll-Aldis stuff continues to be great and they got me with the Bouncer turn as Pope and Kingston do some of the best promo work in the business right now.  A good, entertaining show that’s thankfully back to 50:00 again instead of stretching out past an hour.