Monday Night Raw – September 26, 2005

Monday Night Raw
Date: September 26, 2005
Location: Heart O’Texas Coliseum, Waco, Texas
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Jonathan Coachman

It’s a big show as this is the last episode to take place on Spike TV. Starting next week, Raw is back on USA where it really belongs. That’s where everything started and after five years on Spike, it’s time to go back where things got going. We’re also coming up on Taboo Tuesday, but more importantly is next week’s Homecoming. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here’s Vince McMahon to get things going. Vince talks about this being the last episode on Spike TV and all of the growing up they have done together. Spike has been a great tag team partner and he wants to thank them for everything. Next week though, they are returning home to the USA Network with a huge show. Thankfully the Network version doesn’t censor Vince saying USA, as Spike did during the live broadcast. Anyway here’s Kurt Angle to interrupt because he isn’t happy with Eric Bischoff getting next week’s WWE Championship match.

Angle demands the first title shot against whoever wins and no one else deserves it….so here’s Shawn Michaels. He won at Unforgiven too so he should get a title shot too. Angle thinks the Masterlock cut off the oxygen to Shawn’s brain because Angle beat him at Wrestlemania. Shawn remembers superkicking Angle to beat him at Vengeance. Vince makes a rubber match for next week for the #1 contendership and let’s make it a 30 minute Iron Man match.

Women’s Title: Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

Trish is defending and Ashley/Candice Michelle/Torrie Wilson are all at ringside. Trish slugs away to start and anklescissors her out to the floor. Victoria throws her into the crowd though, only to have Trish come back with a clothesline from the barricade. Everyone else gets in a catfight and Victoria gets in a cheap shot, setting up the slingshot flipping legdrop. The spinning sidewalk slam gets and Victoria goes up, where she has to block the Stratusphere. They crash out to the floor but it’s Trish with a spinebuster into the Stratusfaction, drawing in Torrie and Candice for the DQ.

Rating: C-. If you get rid of all of the annoyances and interference, it was the usual good Trish vs. Victoria match. The problem right now is very obvious: other than maybe Victoria, there is no one to remotely threaten Trish’s title and unless Lita goes after it again, that’s going to be the case until someone brand new comes up.

Post match the brawl is on with Ashley ripping off Candice’s dress. A handicap bra and panties match is set up for next week.

Big Show vs. Snitsky

Street fight so Snitsky brings a chair, which is knocked out of his hand in a hurry. Some other weapon shots put Show down for two but he knocks a trashcan away. Snitsky gets dropped onto a trashcan and it’s a chokeslam, followed by a kitchen sink shot, to give Show the pin.

Rating: D-. What else were you expecting here? It’s a three minute match and Show barely broke a sweat beating Snitsky, again. I think we’ve gotten the point by now, but never let that stop WWE from running a match over and over. This wasn’t any good and felt like filler, which is rarely a good sign.

We recap Ric Flair retaining the Intercontinental Title last week, despite getting beaten down by Chris Masters and Carlito.

Here’s Flair for a chat on the stage. He’s been jumped from behind more times than he can count so now he needs some help. That brings out a sledgehammer, because next week, HHH is back and it’s game on.

Video on HHH. I really don’t think anyone has forgotten who he is.

Eric Bischoff is on the phone when John Cena comes in to hang the call up. Cena talks about Bischoff being a kung fu master and a ninja in four states. He’s up against the champ next week though and that means a Karate Kid pose. Cena didn’t have much to say here, but what else was he supposed to say?

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kerwin White

White debuts his caddie, Nick Nemeth, who of course would go on to become Dolph Ziggler. After Shelton makes some golf jokes, White jumps him to start and we’re already in an armbar. Back up and Shelton has to skin the cat, setting up the top rope clothesline. That puts White on the apron so Shelton suplexes him back in, only to have Nemeth trip him to give White the pin. I knew the one match winning streak was too much for Shelton.

There’s a ladder in the ring and here are Edge and Lita, with the latter in a neck brace, for a chat. Lita rants about Matt being a loser who can’t move on but Raw will be just fine without him. She knows a lot about twists of fate and remembers the first Raw on Spike, five years ago. That night it was the Hardys vs. Edge and Christian in a ladder match but this time around, she’s in the right corner.

Edge talks about how Matt is going to lose his career in seven days because next week, Edge is a career killer. He climbs the ladder and goes on a rather intense rant about how he will never lose and is getting rid of Matt forever. Edge is a winner, and that’s why Lita is with him. Cue Matt to shove the ladder over for…not a very big crash really as Lita clutches the briefcase.

Teddy Long comes in to see Bischoff and suggests some Smackdown exposure on next week’s show. Bischoff says no but Vince comes in to say it’s going to be a three hour show (erg) and Smackdown should have a big match. Long is thrilled so he leaves, meaning Bischoff can try to get out of the Cena match. Vince doesn’t want to hear about it because Bischoff was all tough when he had Ted Turner behind him. Go be that Bischoff again.

Lance Cade/Trevor Murdoch vs. Val Venis/Viscera

Non-title. Venis runs Cade over to start and drops an elbow for an early two. Murdoch knocks Venis off the top though and it’s a running neckbreaker to give Cade two of his own. The camel clutch goes on but Venis is right back up for the tag to Viscera and the house cleaning. Cade gets knocked off the apron and it’s a splash into the Money Shot for Murdoch, only to have Cade use a chair for the DQ.

Rating: D. So that happened. Venis and Viscera at least have a theme to them but it isn’t exactly something that is going to make me care about them. That being said, I can appreciate them trying to do SOMETHING new in the division as it’s not like there has been more than two teams for….pretty much ever now?

Chris Masters and Carlito are worried about splinters in their tables match. Oh and Carlito needs to speak English.

Rob Conway vs. Eugene

Eugene has a Shawn Michaels bear and starts fast with an airplane spin into a poke to the eye. He bites Conway on the tights and steals his sunglasses, which is too far for Conway so the beating is on. The chinlock has Eugene in more trouble but he fights up with right hands. A spinebuster sets up the People’s Elbow for two but Conway DESTROYS THE BEAR. Eugene is distraught and it’s the Ego Trip to give Conway the pin.

Rating: D+. Another match between a new name and an established name that doesn’t have much left in the tank. This wasn’t very good and Conway has lost what little steam that he had in the first place. These new names have to go somewhere, but they need something to help them get there in the first place. Conway being a cocky heel can work, but they’re not helping him much by having him beat up Eugene and other low level guys.

Smackdown Rebound.

Homecoming rundown.

Carlito/Chris Masters vs. Shawn Michaels/John Cena

Tables match. It’s a brawl to start, as it should be, with Cena and Carlito heading outside. Back in and a side slam drops Carlito so the pairings can trade off. No one can find a table (apparently not being happy with the ones in plain sight in front of them) until Carlito sets up one at ringside.

Cena and Carlito fight over a suplex through the table but Shawn accidentally superkicks the referee off the apron and onto (not through) the table. Back from a break with Masters grabbing the Masterlock on Cena with Shawn having to make the save. Carlito plants Shawn with a DDT and the good guys are sent into various hard objects on the floor. Cena makes a comeback though and is smart enough to turn a table over at ringside before Shawn can be slammed through it.

With Shawn down on the floor, a table is set up in the corner. Shawn dives in to spear Cena down, breaking up a whip through said table. Stereo ten punches in the corner have Carlito and Masters in trouble and we get stereo Shuffles for a unique visual. Masters is put on the table but here’s Kurt Angle to shove Shawn off the top and through a table for the win.

Rating: B. The best thing they had going here was the fast pace. This was almost non-stop action with both teams staying active the entire time. On top of that, there were no ridiculous tags in a match where anything goes. The ending is fine as it’s not like either of them took a fall and it puts some more heat on Angle vs. Michaels for next week. Better stuff than I was expecting here.

Post match it’s an Angle Slam to put Cena through a table. Cena is busted open and Bischoff holds up the title. This goes on for a good while as the show seems to be running a bit short.

Overall Rating: D+. This wasn’t a very good show but everything is built around next week’s show anyway so it’s not like this really matters. The main event was good and that’s about all you can ask for from a lame duck show like this. It’s still not a good period for WWE but at least they’re trying to do something new. Now if only the new stuff could be, you know, better overall.

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