To tie into an email I saw earlier about the issues that might crop up in cross-promotion of AEW and NJPW, are there any similar issues that you're aware of that would prevent a working relationship between AEW and NWA? My understanding (which is limited to what I've read) is that most of the NWA talent are on relatively short-term contracts and still have some leeway with independent dates, and we already saw the RNR appear at Dynamite and Full Gear. Do you think it's 1) reasonably possible and 2) worth doing for the two promotions to have talent appearing on both? In particular I'd think that James Storm is a match made in heaven for Hangman Page, and Nick Aldis and Eli Drake would be tremendous assets to AEW as well. Going the other way, I could see Dustin Rhodes having a strong connection with the tradition of NWA, and MJF would be an amazing in-studio heel.

Thanks as always!

It's a cool idea, but I don't see the upside for AEW.  But yeah, I'd love to see Dustin Rhodes in that environment again.  Corgan definitely seems to be open to working with others to promote his group, though.