WWF Superstars – November 12th, 1994

November 12, 1994

From the Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, VT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler

This week’s featured match is Tatanka & Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Smoking Gunns.


We see a replay of Bigelow costing Billy Gunn his match against Tatanka last week, which led to today’s featured match.


Lex Luger vs. Gary Scott

Luger has a young girl as his guest flag bearer. He puts Scott in a hammerlock as Vince brings up Luger’s match against Backlund a couple of weeks ago and stresses how Luger did not submit. Luger now uses a pair of hip tosses and an arm drag as Scott retreats to the corner. Scott cheap shots Luger then fires away as Vince talks about the Guts & Glory vs. Million $ Team match at Survivor Series. Luger regains control and hits a powerslam before the Rebel Rack gets the win (2:17). Vince then predicts that the Guts & Glory team will function well.

Thoughts: Lots of talk about the Survivor Series here as they teased Luger eventually getting his hands on Tatanka.


WWF Live Event News with Charlie Minn. He’s excited for the new set. I hope he wasn’t too attached to it though. This is for hype for the 11/26 MSG show and the low ticket prices due to it being fan appreciation night. Minn is just amazingly bad at his job.


We see an insert of the newest edition of WWF Magazine. Randy Savage is on the cover as Vince puts that over and how it will be a best seller. We then get a peak at Vic Venom’s Survivor Series predictions. Vince makes a comment of Venom being from around Memphis, TN.


Owen Hart vs. Tony DeVito

Neidhart is not with Owen for this match. The crowd chants for Bret as Owen beats down DeVito. The announcers talk about Bret vs. Backlund for Survivor Series with Lawler bringing up how the British Bulldog defeated Bret for the Intercontinental Title at SummerSlam ’92 and how there could still be some bad blood between the two. Owen hits a backbreaker as we now see Backlund watching the match from the entrance. Owen drops DeVito with an enziguiri and taunts the crowd as the announcers talk about some house shows. DeVito fights back and hammers away in the corner but eats boot on a charge in the corner. Owen follows with a bulldog then a missile dropkick before the Sharpshooter gets the win (3:11).

Thoughts: Interesting stuff here with Lawler trying to stir up potential trouble between Bulldog and Bret heading into Survivor Series. We also saw Backlund look at Owen for his match, which will come to play later on in the show.


Back from break as Owen is pointing to himself on the video wall putting DeVito in the Sharpshooter as he tells Bret they’ll have to throw in the towel on him at Survivor Series. Owen shit-talking Bret never gets old.


IRS is back at the cemetery. He disagrees with those saying him taking the headstone was too “stiff” of a penalty and blames “John Dough” for not paying IRS and that being six-feet under is not a “tax shelter.” These are terrible.


Vince McMahon welcomes Yokozuna, Jim Cornette, and Mr. Fuji into the ring. He notes how this will be Yokozuna’s final match against Undertaker. Yokozuna once again freaks out over just hearing the word “casket” with Cornette saying its just a “box.” Cornette said one blemish still remains on Undertaker’s record and that is his loss against Yokozuna in his own kind of match, the “box” match. Yokozuna almost makes a duck-face into the camera as Vince now brings up how Chuck Norris will be the special “troubleshooting” referee. Cornette said the crowd cheering proves the Undertaker is scared and needed Norris. Cornette wants to know what will happen if Yokozuna’s friend Jeff Jarrett comes out and gets karate chopped by Norris? Cornette warns Norris to stay out of Yokozuna’s way and call it down the middle as the crowd taunts Yokozuna with a casket chant. Cornette then says Yokozuna is coming to take Undertaker’s soul and will wander for all eternity without it. Vince then says “casket” as the segment ends then Yokozuna chases him from out of the ring. The end was a bit funny but again, this is the same exact we saw over ten months ago in building the Royal Rumble casket match. Cornette had a couple of good lines here at least but overall, he doesn’t seem to connect with Yokozuna much.


A video package for next week’s Jim Neidhart vs. The Undertaker match.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Roy Raymond

Lawler runs down Plugg to hype their match on the Action Zone. Vince returns as Lawler laughs at Yokozuna almost beating him up. Holly works the arm as Vince now plugs Holly vs. Lawler with Lawler using a lot of racing and royalty puns. Holly hits a dropkick as Vince hypes Bret vs. Backlund at MSG after the Survivor Series. Holly goes back to the arm and hits a flying body press for the win (2:33). The announcers then talk about Clowns Are Us vs. The Royal Family at the Survivor Series.

Thoughts: A win for Holly heading into his match against Lawler. The announcers also talked about a few other things for the Survivor Series and we saw Lawler taunting Vince about nearly getting attacked by Yokozuna.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill. We get a new Chuck Norris vignette as he warns Yokozuna not to get out of line. They also showed him throw a bunch of roundhouse kicks. After that, Tatanka tells us we all know how he feels about Texas and rangers then warns Norris about getting in Yokozuna’s business.


Jeremy Hasen is the guest ring announcer. He is monotone.


Bob Backlund w/ Owen Hart vs. Bert Centeno

Owen tells us to sit back to watch and learn because Backlund is the best scientific wrestler. Centeno works the arm to start but Backlund reverses and uses a hip toss. Vince talks about Backlund still believing he is the World Champion and was once a great sportsman. Backlund stays in control then puts Centeno in the crossface chicken wing for the win (1:27). Backlund keeps the hold on as Owen said he’d throw in the towel but wants Centeno to suffer just like Bret will then finally tosses in the towel.

Thoughts: Owen was great as Backlund’s hype man here as the announcers talked about Bret vs. Backlund and once again the crossface chicken wing was put over as a deadly finisher.


We get a brief ad for the “WWF RAW is WAR” video game.


Another Live Event news segment for the 11/26 MSG show.


Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Smoking Gunns

Bigelow & Tatanka attack the Gunns before the bell and toss them out of the ring. However, they waste time taunting the crowd and that allows the Gunns to come back with stereo missile dropkicks. The match settles down as Bigelow now beats on Billy. The announcers talk about Survivor Series as Billy fights back and gets a two count with a dropkick. Bart tags as Lawler makes midget jokes about Dink then hits a dropkick of his own. However, Bigelow breaks up mounted punches in the corner with an inverted atomic drop before tagging out. Vince believes the egos on the Million $ Team will cost them the match as Bart works the arm of Tatanka. The Gunns take control now and hit Bigelow with a double dropkick then a double leg sweep but Tatanka breaks up the pinfall. The match breaks down with The Gunns clearing the ring. We now see King Kong Bundy & Tom Prichard head to the ring but then Luger, Adam Bomb, and Mabel with Oscar are down as we go to break. We return as Bigelow has Billy in a chin lock with the announcers going over the Survivor Series rules. The Guts & Glory team gets behind Billy thne we see Billy hit a clothesline then go after Tatanka but ends up getting turned inside-out by Bigelow. Billy and Bigelow collide in a goofy-looking spot as both men are down. Both men tag out as Bart runs wild. The Gunns hit a side slam/leg drop as Cornette makes an amazing facial expression on the outside. Bigelow low bridges Bart then Bundy comes in to stomp Billy and the ref calls it a DQ (7:44) **1/4. Both Survivor Series teams then brawl as the show goes off the air.

Thoughts: Solid TV match, that did struggle a bit near the end, to set up for a brawl between both Survivor Series teams at the end. I did not see Jimmy Del Ray here and I know he got hurt but that was a week after these tapings. The Gunns got a good amount of shine here and the crowd was into them. This is the most pushed they’ve been since arriving in the company.


Final Thoughts: Lots of Survivor Series hype here, which was expected, and a decent featured match make it a solid show. However, the problems with depth and a stale midcard remain. Next week we get Undertaker appearing in a rare featured match in the final weekend of syndicated shows before the PPV.