Is there anything contractual/legal stopping Tony Khan from saying "actually, AEW wrestlers can work the NJPW MSG show after all"? Just seems like such a wasted opportunity from both sides to not work together on a show like this. The card writes itself…

Omega vs Okada

Jericho vs Naito

Moxley vs Suzuki

Young Bucks vs Tanahashi and Ibushi

Allin vs Takahashi

PAC vs Ospreay

Cobb vs Ishii

Santana and Ortiz vs Guerillas of Destiny

Jungle Express vs Takagi, Bushi and EVIL

Best Friends and Orange Cassidy vs Yano, Colt and Taguchi

That would sell out MSG without too much of a problem surely.

Legally, there'd be problems, yeah.  If New Japan has the broadcast rights, for example, they'd have to figure out who is due royalties and who can appear on the show and a million other things that just aren't gonna happen without a real agreement between the two companies.  But damn I'd like to see Moxley v. Suzuki again in MSG.