Daily News Update – February 24, 2020

Man, ask and YouTube shall deliver.  I was just saying how the episode of Classic Memphis Wrestling that I did yesterday was the last one, HOWEVER, YouTube suddenly found four new episodes and put them in my Recommended list, but these ones were the original episodes produced for the ABC affiliate station in Memphis and posted by THAT channel early in 2019.  Wild.  Anyway, it’s kind of a different format but it gives me more to watch so huzzah!

Not much going on late on Sunday night when I’m writing this, news-wise…

DATELINE;  As mentioned briefly on Sunday, Wrestlemania 36 is undergoing big changes as PLANS ARE CHANGING as we speak.  I mean, seriously, if John Cena was coming back to work Elias on the biggest show of the year, what are we even doing here?

DATELINE:  Dave Meltzer made a joke on Twitter about causing the WWE stock to rise and of course people freaked out about it.

DATELINE:  Tito Santana apparently has a new book.  Good for him, seems like he’d have some interesting stories to tell.

The WWE well of interesting free matches is running dry lately, so here’s some Impact stuff to change it up a little.  Oo, AJ Styles v. Tommy Dreamer?  Sounds hot and spicy, let’s give it a look.  I mean, check out that thumbnail, he’s using a fork on the guy.