Your AEW takes and rants

Sorry Scott, but besides enjoying your rants, gags and blog in general, I can't take your opinions on AEW seriously.

There are tons of double standards you gleefully put up to excuse their weak points. Rating this week's tag team battle royal ****1/2 is laughable at best, that stuff was nowhere near that good, for a bazillion reasons (from Orange one-note-joke Cassidy vs Bunny to a million dumb unnecessary flips IN A BATTLE ROYAL to Dark Order's interference leading to SCU being eliminated. Yikes). If Russo wrote/booked this stuff in another company, you'd shit all over it.

This doesn't mean AEW is crap (usually everything involving Jericho, Moxley, Cody, MJF is excellent) at all, I enjoy it this year more than before, but declaring any show they ever put on even being near any Takeover in terms of quality, as you stated in an email response a week ago, is total BS. ALL the stuff you wrote in the past 25 or so years speaks against it.

I don't get your reasoning (agreeing with Meltzer? Getting paid off by TK? Cuddling up to the AEW nerdculture zombies?), but I'm gonna avoid anything AEW you post from now on and enjoy it (or not) by myself.

Good day!

OK bye.