WWF Monday Night RAW – November 7th, 1994

November 7, 1994

From the Fernwood Resort in Bushkill, PA

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry “The King” Lawler


Bret “The Hitman” Hart & British Bulldog vs. Owen Hart & Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

Lawler predictably predicts Owen & Neidhart to win this match before plugging his “King’s Court” with guest 1-2-3 Kid. Both teams start brawling during the introductions. Bulldog press slams Owen out of the ring and on top of Neidhart. Bret then slingshots Neidhart back into the ring and hammers away. Bret tags out after escaping from a bearhug then locks up with Neidhart. Bulldog takes Neidhart down with a shoulder block but Neidhart decks him in the gut before tagging out. We get a reversal sequence then Bulldog hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. Vince brings up the Bret vs. Backlund match at the Survivor Series as the announcers talk about the submission rules. Owen catches Bulldog with an enziguiri then tags out. Neidhart grounds Bulldog then knees him in the gut for two. Owen & Neidhart cut the ring in half as the announcers mention how Geroge Foreman became a heavyweight champion at 45 years of age and Backlund can do the same. We go to break then return with Owen getting a two count with an enziguiri. Neidhart tags in and works a front face lock after hitting a powerslam for a nearfall. Bulldog inches towards Bret but Owen runs in to knock Bret off of the apron. Bret then chases Owen outside of the ring, with Owen making some great facial expressions, then Owen runs inside and uses the Hart Attack on Bulldog for two. Owen heads up top but Bulldog rolls through a crossbody for a two count. Owen prevents Bulldog from tagging out then applies a reverse chin lock. Owen & Neidhart neutralize Bulldog in their corner then we see Neidhart screaming into the camera while choking out Bulldog. We go to another break and return with Owen and Bulldog colliding. Bulldog finally tags out but the ref was distracted. Owen then accidentally attacks Neidhart and Bulldog fights Owen off before tagging out. Bret runs wild on Owen & Neidhart for a bit. Owen & Neidhart then double-team Bret then things get a bit sloppy. Bulldog takes Owen outside and sends him into the steps then Bret locks Neidhart in the Sharpshooter and gets the win (14:15 shown) **1/2.

Thoughts: Solid match that followed a simple yet effective formula. However, it was unable to get out of second gear and the crowd response was mild throughout the match. Bret gets the win over Neidhart with his Sharpshooter to get that hold over heading into the Survivor Series submission match. This match is also available on the “Hart and Soul: The Hart Family Anthology” DVD.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill.


Vince sends well wishes to some of the crew members that fell prior to the show.


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Tyrone Knox

Knox lands a few shots before getting dropped with an elbow smash. The camera zooms in on a “Vince for Senate” sign in the crowd as Bigelow hammers away. The announcers talk about Chuck Norris appearing as a special “troubleshooting” referee during the Yokozuna vs. Undertaker match at Survivor Series. Bigelow now chokes Knox out against the ropes as Lawler promises the King’s Court will be great tonight. Bigelow stays in control then we see the Spanish announce team call the match as Lawler cracks some dumb jokes. Bigelow drops Knox in the corner and connects with a dropkick before an enziguri finally ends this match (4:39).

Thoughts: A long, dull squash match that was a backdrop for the announcers to discuss several topics.


We now see Vince as he announces that Randy Savage has been unable to come to terms with a new WWF contract and says on behalf of the fans and even himself we wish him the very best and thanks him for the memories. Vince then says “godspeed” and good luck. A surreal moment and Vince did appear shook when saying this message. The two were reportedly very close and Bruce Prichard told a story of how he first heard the news of Savage leaving the day of this show when he was sitting in a town car with Pat Patterson and Shane McMahon waiting for Vince when Vince told them that Savage was now “proud property” of WCW and they are going to move on and figure it out. Savage leaving truly did feel like the end of era.


King’s Court with 1-2-3 Kid is up next. Vince tells us that Kid will face Backlund on next week’s show. Lawler teases Kid for being skinny and how he is going to get destroyed by Bob Backlund next week. Kid says that Backlund has to get on the crossface chicken wing first then tells Backlund not to look past him as he gives 110%. We now see Backlund come in from behind but Kid avoids the attack then takes Backlund outside with a spin kick as Backlund hangs on the ropes. Bret now comes out to have Kid’s back and raises his hand as several officials run out. Owen & Neidhart are now calming Backlund down then Bulldog comes out as we go to break. A segment to add heat to Bret/Backlund and set up intrigue for next week’s Kid vs. Backlund match.


The announcers talk about Backlund for a bit.


We get a hype video for a Bob Holly vs. Lawler match for next week on the Action Zone.


Doink w/ Dink & Wink & Pink vs. Pat Tanaka

Vince cackles like an idiot while recalling all of the pranks Doink has pulled on Lawler while Lawler talks about how his team will take care of Doink and his midgets at SummerSlam. Doink mocks Tanaka with some “martial arts” poses before hitting an atomic drop. Doink slaps hands with Dink then works the arm of Tanaka. Vince tells Lawler he can only be in the ring with Doink and not the other midgets as Tanaka takes Doink down with a dragon screw. Tanaka works the leg for a bit as Lawler talks about his artwork inside of “WWF Magazine” as Doink hits a back suplex then follows up for the Whoopie Cushion for the win (3:21). After the match we see the clowns play with Lawler’s crown before tossing it back at him as Lawler is irate.

Thoughts: Lots of focus on the Doink/Lawler feud and man did this not get over at all. I know the sleepy Bushkill crowd can make things seem worse than they are but this was lame and awful to watch.


Vince hypes the Survivor Series Hotline while Lawler complains of green hair being stuck in his crown.


Next week, the “Portuguese Man-o-War” Aldo Montoya will make his debut. Not even a graphic for the guy. Also, we will see Jeff Jarrett in action along with the featured match of Kid vs. Backlund.


Lawler yells at Queazy, Sleazy, and Cheesy then hypes them up. Dink, Wink, and Pink come out and face off.


We now go split-screen with Bret, who is standing backstage. Vince asks Bret if he will be here next week for Kid’s match. Bret says he will and next week is a case between New Generation vs. Old Generation. Bret also calls Kid the best of the New Generation and will be cheering him on in his corner next week.


The show ends with the clip of Bret submitting Neidhart with the Sharpshooter.


Final Thoughts: This show focused on the Bret/Backlund and Doink/Lawler feuds (far too much time on this). They also spent a lot of time focusing on Bret’s sharpshooter and built up next week’s Backlund./Kid match quite well but most of the product leaves a lot to be desired. And this is most notable in history for the announcement of Savage leaving after over nine years with the company.


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