January 4 1999

Sorry, this is kinda long. 
First, the 'fingerpoke' does not exist in the English language.

 Next up, why did the
internet(and not the millions of non-IWC fans, as the actual numbers show) hate
the events of January 4 1999 so much? Was it really that bad? After all,
ratings stayed high for another 2 months, and actually only started falling
months later.  It's because it exposed
the Biggest Lie of the IWC. Dave Meltzer, Wade Keller, Bryan Alvarez(not sure
if Scherer or Johnson were doing their schtick then) all claim to be 'experts'.
But, far more than that, they all claim to be "In the Wrestling
Business". Yes, just like Vince McMahon or Ric Flair are in the wrestling
business. During the Monday Night Wars, the Observer, Torch etc. were
constantly posting "inside scoops" to their websites, and in their
newsletters. "Inside" information that you weren't supposed to know.
All from their sources in the WWF and WCW. Dave, Bryan etc. were 'in the know',
supposedly, NOTHING happened in wrestling that these 'experts in the wrestling
business' didn't know within an hour of it happening. And, they also knew what
was GOING TO HAPPEN..so the Observer could sya something like 'Waltman will
return to RAW tonight' etc.  Then,
January 4 1999 happened. And a LOT happened. the advertised World Title Match
never happening, Nash-Hogan being put in its place, that never actually taking
place, Hogan winning the belt, Nash turning heel again, Luger turning heel
again, the reformation of the nWo with Hogan, Nash, Steiner, Hall, Luger, and
Goldberg going from #1 contender to having to pretty much run the gauntlet to
get to Hogan. 

The World Title picture changed completely, with multiple
major things all happening in one night. 
And, Dave, Bryan and co. knew NONE OF IT. They "called" NONE
OF IT in their newsletters, or on their websites.  Because they had NO KNOWLEDGE AT ALL OF ANY
OF IT. Why? Because they were NOT "insiders". They were NOT "in
the wrestling business". They were FANS, who were OUTSIDE the wrestling
business, writing about the wrestling business from outside, not within. Whatever
"Scoops" they got were only what those people actually inside the
wrestling business were willing to give to them, nothing more.  It also implied as well, that the stuff they
HAD been fed wasn't necessarily true. And that Dave and co. could easily have
been worked by those people feeding them information.  So, a MAJOR set of events all taking place on
one show, and the "ultimate insiders" knew NOTHING about ANY of it.
Because, they weren't "in the wrestling business", they were just
fans, like anyone else with a website about wrestling. Nothing illustrated that
fact more than their complete and utter lack of knowledge of what was going to
happen that night.  And THAT'S why they
hate it so much. And, of course, the nest tier down(RD Reynolds, Ryan Satin
etc.) had to suck up to the Meltzers and Kellers by declaring that THEY hated
it too. And then, of course, those IWC people who are blindly led around by
Meltzer etc. suddenly realized that THEY had actually hated it too. And as many
of these people  have no lives, and
monitor websites with words like 'wiki' in it, this FALSE NARRATIVE about
January 4 1999 has now somehow become a 'fact'.

 Meltzer got worked.
Because he was just a fanboy, who made money writing his opinions about
wrestling.  (And, of course, today
Meltzer does have a job with a wrestling promotion. And he still makes a very
good living off the Observer, so good for him) 

OK then.  Glad we're on such a great run of rational discourse this morning.