AEW Unrestricted Podcast Episode #1 – Jon Moxley

This was released on February 20, 2020

Your hosts are Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone

It runs at 56 minutes long


Tony asks Moxley how he discovered wrestling as a kid. Moxley said he cannot remember a time without wrestling in his life and he got into it due to kids who lived in the apartment below him having all the action figures and tapes. Moxley said Bret Hart was his favorite as a kid and notes how there was much less wrestling content back then and did not see WCW until Nitro started. Moxley also said he was obsessed with getting wrestling tapes and look for anything he could find and would piece together a timeline and even wrote down information as title histories.

Moxley started training at HWA with Les Thatcher. Moxley said he showed up to the school and lied about his age as you had to be 18 to train. He talks about the first time he was there and was intimidated by the loud bumps in the ring and started off mostly by observing then by early 2004 was training in the ring and had his first match in June of that year. Moxley said that Thatcher made you train at least six months before you had your first match as he wanted to have a good look and gimmick.

We now get the story about how the Jon Moxley name came about. Before his very first match, he was thrown together in a team where they were “stoner-jock” type comedy heels. He was asked for a name to use and couldn’t come up with one and his teammate said he looked like the kid from Varsity Blues with the football jersey on and incorrectly said the characters name was “Jonathan Moxley” when the last name was really “Moxon.” And from there the name stuck.

Moxley said that at the beginning its a lot easier to rely on shtick then learned more about the actual wrestling from there.


We take a break and Moxley talks about how he wished they have Uber and Postmates around when he was working the Independent scene as that is a perfect job for an Indy wrestler, with Aubrey chiming in how some Indy wrestlers today are driving for those companies.

Moxley talks about places to wrestle drying up and HWA shut down and it was difficult to get bookings and was taken local bookings in Cincinnati while working at a factory.

One day, some promoter named Dan, the booker of Insanity Pro Wrestling, called him up to work a match against Drake Younger (current NXT referee Drake Wuertz). Moxley then said he had a lot of bad things going on in his personal life and channeled that into promos and from that he changed his wrestling style and was starting to get more bookings. He also started to wrestle hardcore-style matches here and then started to generate a little bit of buzz.

Moxley talks about Gabe Sapolsky bringing him in to work Dragon Gate USA and soon from that he got a call from WWE. Joey Mercury was in FCW at the time and went to bat for him to the VP of Talent Relations and that was when Moxley got the call. At first, Moxley thought it was a joke but learned it wasn’t and said he was determined not to screw this chance up as he was still going through a lot of bad stuff in his life.

Moxley said he barely had anything to his name and drove in his crappy car. He could not even cash the $1,500 moving expense check WWE gives to talent as he didn’t have a bank account so his friend’s girlfriend signed it over. Moxley could not get an apartment due to bad credit and a prior eviction notice and said he was too proud and “antisocial” to get help so ended up renting a room for $100 in a shitty house in Tampa on a listing he found on Craigslist. He lived there for about a year and walked to the training facility at FCW as his car ended up shitting the bed.

He then talks about getting into the best shape of his life and how everyone said he’d never succeed in WWE due to the PG environment but wanted to prove everyone wrong.

Moxley said he could have not asked for a better start than being in The Shield and talks about back then they were not in NXT with any exposure and felt like in FCW that you were on an island were most people do not get off of until they are released.

On being on the main roster, Moxley said he saved all of his money and did not even buy a car his first few years because he was never home. He ended up saving up enough to buy his dream car, a fully-loaded Dodge Ram, with cash. Moxley then said it was time to go separate ways and was thankful for his time in WWE and now he’s here in AEW.


Aubrey now asks Moxley when he got the call from AEW. Moxley said that he knew he was leaving WWE the last eight months of his contract. He talked about wanting to wrestle in Japan or do some smaller shows and just enjoy wrestling until he was ready to debut a new character and try to emerge. He then talks about being friends with Cody and Chris Jericho and was told about AEW and then says a lot of what was happening with the launch of AEW was set in stone before the official announcement. Moxley talks about all of the signs in the universe pointed to him going there as the PPV (Double or Nothing) was near his home in Vegas.

Moxley said he was worried about how the crowd would react to his character after all of the dopey stuff he was doing on WWE TV as these fans want an alternative, not something resembling WWE RAW.

Now, he talks about wrestling in New Japan for the first time and how he had to follow Hiroshi Tanahashi, who he calls the “John Cena of New Japan.” Moxley then said he felt calm and how there was nothing left for him to lose and thought the whole world thought he sucked and whatever happens, happens. Moxley also said he was good friends with Juice Robinson when they were in FCW together and how he started brawling with him and then he felt the energy in the building and after that felt like he was back to what he did best.

He talks about how gutted he felt after needing to pull out of the All Out PPV due to injury and jokes how WWE probably got the last laugh. He also talks about having neck problems at the moment too.

Moxley then said 2020 has started off great as Aubrey jokes how Moxley thought a live show on New Years Day would be a mess. Moxley joked how he was not hungover and Aubrey added how they all partied hard on New Years Eve.

Tony asked if he was surprised his “Double or Nothing” debut was kept quiet. Moxley said the people who knew kept the information tight and Aubrey said everyone in the back had no idea and were “marking out” when he came through the crowd as they all had no idea.

Moxley is then asked about his dynamic at home with his wife since she still works for WWE. Moxley jokes how they are a power couple with revenue streams from Fox, WWE, AEW, NJPW, and other projects. Moxley said Renee came backstage to the Tokyo Dome and Aubrey added that she came to their New Years Eve party. Moxley puts over Renee’s ambitions and how she was supportive when he suggested leaving WWE and going elsewhere. Moxley then jokes how much easier it would be if she dropped her career to follow him around the world as he wrestled. Aubrey & Tony put her over as an “awesome” person.

Tony now asks Moxley about the young talent in AEW. Moxley puts over AEW for not micromanaging them and see them be themselves on a National stage is awesome to watch. Moxley puts over all they can do and how they do not have anyone who “sucks.”

Moxley then jokes how he wishes Renee could get a “Today Show” type of gig so he can retire and wrestle once a year while looking like Arn Anderson.

Moxley also talks about “itching” to wrestle again in Europe and will be wrestling for OTT in Ireland next month.


Final Thoughts: I thought it was a solid offering from a debut podcast. The Tony & Aubrey duo did fine with Tony asking the questions and Aubrey following up and adding stuff as the show went along. Aubrey really came off super likable and kept things light and fun. The podcast mostly let the guest do most of the talking and the hosts never cut off Moxley nor did they all pretend like they were being edgy unlike other company podcasts. I’ll check out the second offering as this was a breezy show with a few interesting tidbits.


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