AEW Series 2

Hey Scott-

All fun with Orange Cassidy's Inaction Figure aside, who do you line

up for the next wave of AEW figures? I know series 1 isn't even out

yet, but I have to imagine interest will be high enough to squeeze at

least one more set of figures out of this concept.

Here's who I'd go with in series 2 (picking six since that's the

precedent set by series 1.)

– Mox

– Adam Page

– MJF (with scarf, BattleBowl ring, and "King of the Douchebags" look-on-face)

– Nyla Rose (with women's championship belt)

– Santana and Ortiz (hard to pick between them and the Luchas, but it

seems like Pentagon and Fenix work with a lot more promotions then P&P

do, so it would probably be easier to nail down licensing with Santana

and Ortiz. Plus, your Jericho figure needs flunkies)

What do you think? Anyone on the roster you'd like immortalized in

plastic before those six?

What, no Britt Baker with Starbucks cup for Tony?  But yeah, definitely Hangman (hopefully with giant pitcher of beer and maybe Hunter Horse Helmsley) for the next wave.  I'd say PAC probably deserves a figure as well, and yeah Santana and Ortiz would be cool from a visual standpoint.  Darby Allin with skateboard seems like another natural addition.