SEGA Saturn

I'm loving you answering these Video Game questions, so I'll send over another (You're bang on about VPW2 as well, great game!)

How big was the SEGA Saturn in Canada? Did you ever get to play on or own one? If you did, did you like it? If you didn't, what put you off?

I never did own one, and it wasn't big in Canada at all.  I was working in video game sales at the point it came out, and it was barely a blip on the radar because most people felt like it was just another version of the Sega 32X.  I've played around with it a bit in more recent years via emulation and it's never impressed me that much.

Now, on the other hand, Dreamcast is my JAM.  I was all over that one in 2000 and had the Sonic games, Soul Caliber, the 2K sports games, CRAZY TAXI, etc.  I'd be all over a nostalgia system for that one if they ever come up with one.