Daily News Update – February 21, 2020

Hey, I won a 55″ Roku TV at my super-late work Christmas party last night!  That’s a pretty cool start to the weekend and end of my vacation.

Also, I’m gonna play around with scheduling stuff to post a little later again, around 7:00am CST instead of the 5:00 or so that I’ve been doing it.  I’ve had people comment that the daily threads and rants are a bit too early for them as I’ve been doing them, so we’ll see how a change does.

DATELINE:  All kinds of shows this weekend, with a UFC and Bellator and a couple of minor wrestling shows as well, such as the retirement show for Manabu Nakanishi.  Man, and he finally got his name in the 95 Observer Flashbacks, too.

DATELINE:  WWE stock rebounded a bit with news that they’re trying to make a deal for the big PPVs with ESPN.  Speaking from a personal standpoint, that would SUCK.  I do not want to go back to paying $60 for their shitty PPVs and I know I’m not alone.

Today we celebrate the glorious career of the Hall of Fame Bella Twins via a WWE Top 10 list.