The following email contains criticisms of Royal Rumble 92

Hey Scott,

So over the years, I've become a HUGE fan of the 1990 Royal Rumble, while the 1992 Royal Rumble (while excellent) has a lot of weird booking errors everyone seems to overlook. For example:

1. Never noticed until recently, but until Piper gets in at #15, it's just a slow parade of jobbers. And some are unforgivable. Heenan and Monsoon absolutely carry the first 30 minutes of this match. I'm sorry but without them it's not five stars.

Jerry Sags, Repo Man, Texas Tornado (on his way out), Greg Valentine, and Nikolai fucking Volkoff. I mean some, like Valentine, I can excuse because he has history with Flair. But the entire first half of the match DRAGS.

Why not let LOD and the Natural Disasters work twice or something? I'd much rather see Hawk or Earthquake than Nikolai Volkoff or El Matador. (And I know Bret was injured or whatever but he really should've had Bulldog's spot.)

2. Sloppy mistakes like Savage clearly eliminating himself, or the botched ending, are forgivable but for a five star classic. 

3. It's a minor quibble, but Flair works the entire match as a babyface. He's so heroic — even attacking The Undertaker and never taking a backstop. It's fine but he's supposed to be the top heel and he's going 60 minutes and acting like superman. 

4. And while I LOVE the announcing, they spend the entire match talking about Flair. It telegraphs the ending far too much, IMO. 

I think 1990 is the true five-star Rumble classic. DiBiase's classic run from #1 (plus the karma story paying off from the year before); the Dibiase/Roberts/Savage/Piper melee that blows the roof off the place. And of course the Hogan/Warrior stand-off that's one of the great moments ever. The ending's bit flat but I think it's the true greatest Rumble. 

OH GREAT now I'm gonna have to redo Rumble 92 this weekend, too, aren't I?  

Look, buddy, if you want to come to this very blog and die on the hill of Rumble 92 not being the best thing ever, it's your funeral.  We don't take kindly to those kinds of opinions around here,