Super Nintendo Vs Mega Drive/Genesis

Thought I’d stick with the Video Game topic

Which of these two consoles do you prefer? (I lean towards the SNES because I had one as a kid but I think they’re both great)

See, I'm not part of the whole childhood nostalgia deal with those, because they both came out when I was already a grown-up and I had to save money from a shitty first job scraping caulking out of a train car spill to buy them for myself.  In this case, I got a Genesis first and then a Super Nintendo soon after.  Head to head I'd pick SNES but I actually don't own the SNES Classic and I do have the Genesis Mini, so I don't know what that tells you.  Mostly that the SNES Classic was expensive and impossible to find when it was available, I guess, but either way I can emulate both of them easily on my Raspberry Pi.  I'd probably still want to buy an SNES Classic if I could find it for a reasonable price because I never really played games like Super Mario RPG back in the day and I'd like to try them.  

It's actually the N64 and PS1 combo that really triggers my nostalgic member-berries, mostly because of Mario 64 and No Mercy, of course.  I've been playing Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 on my Pi3 lately, too, and it's amazing that no one really ever replicated the dynamic of the shoot-wrestling guys mixing with the normal wrestling guys.  I LOVE playing with characters like the Minoru Suzuki stand-in and Takayama, just mercilessly taking down and submitting Kobashi and Misawa.  There's an English language translation ROM that's readily available and it's basically WM2000 but with All Japan, New Japan, PRIDE, RINGS, Michinoku Pro and BattleArts all represented.