NXT UK – February 20, 2020

Date: February 20, 2020
Location: York Barbican, York, England
Commentators: Aiden English, Tom Phillips

It’s another week and hopefully things can pick up a bit after last week’s not so great show. NXT UK has turned into a place where you can fairly expect some very good stuff and I have no reason to believe that last week was anything more than a one off misfire. That has been the case elsewhere before and I’ve been rather wrong. Let’s get to it.

Joe Coffey watches a clip of Ilja Dragunov costing him the United Kingdom Title. Vengeance is sworn.

Opening sequence.

Tyler Bate vs. Joseph Conners

Conners’ music now starts with him saying I AM WORTHY. Bate ducks an early enziguri attempt and Conners bails into the corner. A hurricanrana into a pair of dropkicks puts Conners on the floor it’s already chair time. Back in and Bate’s monkey flip is blocked with Bate being knocked off the top instead.

Conners hits a clothesline for two as the fans start singing about Bate. The neck crank goes on until Bate uppercuts his way up and blocks a backslide attempt. An overhead suplex drops Conners for two and the airplane spin puts them both down. The Tyler Driver 97 is countered into a bulldog but Conners misses a middle rope moonsault.

Instead Conners clotheslines him to the floor for the suicide dive, followed by the slingshot Downward Spiral for two back inside. Bate wins a slugout and hits a Liger kick to the floor, setting up the big no hands dive. Conners sends him into the chair on the floor though (not a DQ as it is ruled incidental) but Don’t Look Down is countered into a DDT. The rebound lariat sets up the Tyler Driver 97 to finish Conners at 11:38.

Rating: C+. Bate being out there helped a good but though there is still only so much interest that you can get out of Conners. The idea of him being worthy of Takeover is hardly much of a character to get behind as he hasn’t shown himself as being worthy of much more than a free hot sandwich at a blood bank. I guess this has been better, but it’s not exactly worth seeing.

Video on Toni Storm vs. Kay Lee Ray for next week’s I Quit match.

Walter and Dave Mastiff have a staredown in the back before their title match.

Here’s Jinny on the announcers’ table to fire Jazzy Gabbert, who wasted her fifteen minutes of fame. Therefore, it’s now all about her.

Noam Dar vs. Josh Morrell

Dar takes him into the corner and that means it’s time for pinkies up. Morrell gets aggressive to send Dar hiding into the corner and an exchange of slaps has Dar staggering around. A dropkick looks to set up a standing moonsault but Dar rolls away, only to earn himself a running elbow in the corner. Dar’s suplex is countered into a small package for two but Dar takes him down by the arm. A rear naked choke sends Morrell over to the ropes so Dar kicks the leg out and finishes with the Nova Roller at 5:32.

Rating: C-. Morrell showcased himself well here in a short dose but it was about getting Dar over more than anything else. Dar is still hot and cold and this was an effective near squash. Sometimes it’s fine to just have a quick match that doesn’t mean much long term and that is what they did here.

The Hunt wants the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Jordan Devlin is ready for Takeover: Dublin.

Ilja Dragunov vs. Joe Coffey

Dragunov dodges some early right hands and neither can get much of a grapple going. The standoff lets them circle each other some more until fighting over a headlock on the mat. Back up and an exchange of shoulders has Dragunov telling him to bring it. Coffey misses some right hands and Dragunov gets two off a crossbody. A dropkick puts Coffey on the floor so there’s the big dive to take him out but Dragunov misses the top rope double stomp.

That means the Glasgow Sendoff can put Dragunov right back on the floor with Coffey hammering away. Coffey gets in a shot to the knee to knock him off the apron and he works on the leg back inside. A middle rope shinbreaker sets up the Boston crab but Dragunov is in the rope in a hurry. Dragunov makes a rope and kicks him away but both of their discus lariats miss.

A jumping enziguri sets up something close to a German suplex for two on Coffey. The bad leg is pulled to the top so Dragunov can hit a backsplash for two more but Coffey crotches him on top. That means a belly to belly superplex but Dragunov is back with a knee to the face. Coffey goes shoulder first into the post and a Death Valley Driver puts him into the corner again. Back up and All the Best for the Bells is cut off with Torpedo Moscow to finish Coffey at 14:52.

Rating: B. This was the hard hitting fight that it should have been with Dragunov getting a good chance of going somewhere. I could see him having the knockdown, drag out fight with Walter for the title and Coffey seems to be the gatekeeper around here. He’ll be fine as well, but Dragunov seems ready to be the way to go.

Post match Gallus comes out and shows respect to Dragunov to end the feud.

Overall Rating: B-. It was a better show this time around and having Bate and Dragunov around helped that a lot. The wrestling was pretty good and they are setting things up for the future so hopefully we get more like this than what it was looking like last week. They need to build up Walter vs. Mastiff a bit more, but next week’s I Quit match should be more than enough to carry a single show. Nice show this week, as is the case more often than not.


Tyler Bate b. Joseph Conners – Tyler Driver 97

Noam Dar b. Josh Morrell – Nova Roller

Ilja Dragunov b. Joe Coffey – Torpedo Moscow

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