Impact Wrestling – February 18, 2020

Impact Wrestling
Date: February 18, 2020
Location: Sam’s Town Live, Las Vegas, Nevada
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Don Callis

We’re off to a different taping cycle now and things are getting interesting around here. Last week’s show without a bunch of the luchador guest stars was an improvement and if they can keep that up, we might be in a good place. If nothing else it’s the go home show for Sacrifice, so maybe things can get more interesting in a hurry. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Josh Alexander vs. TJP

This should be good and Ethan Page/Fallah Bahh are the respective seconds. They grapple to start and it’s a voiceover, which sounds as unnatural as you can get, about how Ethan Page’s promotion will soon be airing on the Impact Wrestling network. TJP hits a dropkick and snaps off a headscissors but Alexander runs him over again. With the striking not working, TJP grabs a quickly broken Octopus Hold as Alexander tosses him down without much effort.

Some arm cranking lets Alexander hammer away as the commentators make fun of the TNA name that they are bringing back for Wrestlemania weekend. A Regal Roll out of the corner is countered into a crucifix to give TJP two as he can’t keep any momentum. TJP spins him down into a cross armbreaker but gets stacked up for a near fall and the break. A slingshot dive to the floor sets up the slingshot dropkick as Alexander is in trouble for the first time.

Alexander slaps on a swinging sleeper but TJP slips out for a suplex and they’re both down. It’s Alexander up first with a spinning torture rack slam for two more, meaning frustration is setting in. TJP spinwheel kicks him into the ropes but walks into a German suplex. That just earns Alexander a hurricanrana into a cross armbreaker, which is broken up with a quick Project Ciampa for two more. The kneebar sends Alexander over to the rope so he grabs a sleeper, only to have TJP backflip into the cover for the pin at 14:49.

Rating: B. These two worked very well together and got to showcase themselves in a heck of a back and forth match. The Tag Team Title match should be fun, with Bahh offering a weird face monster vibe and TJP being one of the best technicians in the company at the moment. Put them in there against the best tag team in the company and we should be in for heck of a tag match.

Willie Mack is talking to someone backstage when Johnny Swinger comes in to ask if this is a trio. That’s not the case so Swinger thinks he and Mack need to work on their chemistry with some riz-eps.

Michael Elgin is ready to beat Eddie Edwards again if that’s what it takes to teach him a lesson.

Announcers preview for the rest of the show.

Willie Mack vs. Johnny Swinger

Swinger is surprised by this being a singles match instead of the two teaming together. The offer of a handshake earns Swinger a pair of atomic drops, followed by a right hand out of a headlock. Swinger snaps him throat first across the top and the falling headbutt into the low blow has Mack down. Back up and Mack punches him out of the air and it’s the Samoan drop into the standing moonsault. The Stunner sets up the Six Star frog splash to give Mack the pin at 4:17.

Rating: D+. Nothing much to see here but they kept it short and didn’t do anything wacky here so I can’t complain. Mack continues to roll and Swann’s ankle will be healed up soon enough, though I’m not sure if there is a need to continue the team if Mack keeps going this strong. Swinger continues to be someone amusing enough, as long as he stays at the bottom of the card like this.

We look back at Jordynne Grace finally winning the Knockouts Title last week.

Here’s Madison Rayne to complain about Grace not belonging in the #1 contenders match in the first place. But that’s enough about Grace, because a legend like Madison needs to advance the legacy of the Knockouts. She is starting an open challenge series and here’s the first opponent.

Madison Rayne vs. Mazzerati

Rayne shoves her in the face to start so Mazzerati grabs three straight rollups for one each. A dropkick sends Rayne into the ropes but she’s right back with a northern lights suplex and some knees to the face. Mazzerati forearms her in the corner but walks into a cutter for two. Cross Rayne finishes Mazzerati at 3:16.

Rating: D. Just a step above a squash here as Rayne never felt in danger once. I know Rayne has been surpassed by a lot of the division but she can still have a decent enough match against the right opponent. The problem is she didn’t have one here and the match was little more than filler.

Jordynne Grace is proud of everything she has done and will be a fighting champion, starting against Jessika Havok at Sacrifice. John E. Bravo comes in after Grace leaves and praises Taya Valkyrie, even giving us a highlight video on her Knockouts Title reign.

Post break, Taya yells at Bravo over the video and promises to get the title back.

Flashback Moment of the Week: D’Angelo Dinero beats Mr. Anderson to become #1 contender at Against All Odds 2010.

Rob Van Dam has to calm down Katie Forbes over fans’ comments. Daga comes in and wants a fight so they’ll do it next week.

Tommy Dreamer, Trey Miguel and Tessa Blanchard are ready to win tonight, with Dreamer managing to reference ECW. Tessa says may the better man win at Sacrifice, even if it’s a woman.

Eddie Edwards vs. Michael Elgin

Match #3 in a Best of Five series with Elgin up 2-0. Eddie starts fast with a suplex to the floor and a suicide dive. Back in and a sunset flip gives Eddie two but Elgin suplexes him over with ease. A sliding lariat puts both of them down and Elgin hits a Death Valley Driver onto the apron.

Back in and Elgin hits Eddie so hard that it seems to hurt his own shoulder. Eddie makes the comeback with some strikes, only to get hit in the face for his efforts. They head outside again and Elgin cuts off a comeback bid with a heck of a clothesline but the powerbomb on the ramp is countered into a hurricanrana. The Boston Knee Party rocks Elgin again but they both beat the count back in.

A top rope double stomp to the back gives Eddie two, followed by Elgin grabbing a Falcon Arrow for the same. The Crossface doesn’t work so Eddie settles for a running knee to the head to put Elgin down again. Another clothesline gives Elgin another two and he grabs a superbomb off the top. Instead of covering though, Elgin tries another powerbomb, allowing Edwards to small package him for the pin at 12:53.

Rating: B. These two just work well together and that’s all they needed to do here. The story has some more legs to it and they are pretty clearly setting up a fifth match. That’s what makes the most sense, though for some reason I wouldn’t be stunned to see Elgin wrap it up next time. Either way, at least they did more rather good stuff here and that’s all you should expect from them.

Rhino vs. Dave Crist

Moose is on commentary. Rhino charges into the corner to start but gets choked on the rope for his effort. Crist misses a middle rope backsplash though and Rhino slugs away. A Jake Crist distraction doesn’t work and Rhino Gores Dave down for the pin at 2:28.

Jessika Havok arrives and Susie pops up behind her, only to disappear. Havok sees a sign that says “your time has come”. Well in some different spelling but you get the idea.

Chris Bey has signed. Good for him and good for Impact.

Sacrifice rundown.

The same weird feed ICU/Realityislost deal interrupts the backstage interviewer.

Tommy Dreamer/Trey Miguel/Tessa Blanchard vs. Ace Austin/Reno Scum

Thornstowe and Miguel start things off, meaning it’s an armdrag to put Thornstowe down in a hurry. Tessa comes in with a hurricanrana before it’s off to Dreamer for a shot to the arm. Ace and Miguel come in so Ace is right back to the corner for the tag off to Luster. That means a showdown with Dreamer who…..yeah no one has ever wanted to see this.

Everything breaks down and it’s a triple Bionic elbow to send the villains outside. Back from a break with a cheap shot from the apron letting Luster clothesline Dreamer. That means it’s Dreamer getting caught in the corner, including a Pit Stop. The chinlock goes on but Luster misses the middle rope headbutt. Trey comes back in and gets pulled into the corner, meaning it’s off to a chinlock.

Ace holds Trey down so Luster can stomp on him but Trey bulldogs his way out of trouble. The hot tag brings in Tessa to forearm away and a tornado DDT plants Luster. Ace gets caught between Tessa and Trey, with the latter kicking him into a cutter from Tessa. Austin kicks Tessa down and Trey hits a big corkscrew dive onto almost everyone else. On the way back in, Ace kicks the rope into a low blow on Trey, setting up the Fold for the pin at 16:34.

Rating: C. What a relief that they had Trey take the fall instead of Dreamer. This did what it needed to do without having Tessa take a fall so I can’t complain all that much. It just wasn’t a very good match and felt like a lot of multi person tags that you would see in such a spot. Not a bad match by any means, but really just a match to set up another one.

Overall Rating: B-. The opener and Elgin vs. Edwards more than carry this show and it was a rather nice week of TV as a result. Sacrifice is looking pretty good on paper, though I’m not sure what they are going to be doing after that. It seems early to build towards Rebellion, but we can worry about that later. Good show this week as the company is starting to get something going.


TJP b. Josh Alexander – Rollup

Willie Mack b. Johnny Swinger – Six Star frog splash

Madison Rayne b. Mazzerati – Cross Rayne

Eddie Edwards b. Michael Elgin – Small package

Rhino b. Dave Crist – Gore

Ace Austin/Reno Scum b. Tommy Dreamer/Trey Miguel/Tessa Blanchard – Fold to Miguel

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