Daily News Update – February 21, 2020

God help me if I ever have to sit through that Fingerpoke episode of Nitro again.

Hey, big news for non-US AEW fans here on the blog:  Fite.TV has kindly provided me with a free code for AEW Revolution on February 29 to give away to a lucky non-US reader, so I’m gonna come up with a contest and probably run it on Twitter.  I’m thinking “predict how many falls the Iron Man match goes and who wins them”.  Anyway, I’ll think something up and have details right away.  Sorry, I don’t have any connections with B/R Live so I can’t help you out there.

DATELINE:  Samoa Joe suffered another concussion while shooting a commercial, which makes his second one in four weeks.  I’m thinking that commentary gig might be looking better to him pretty soon.

DATELINE:  Dynamite bested NXT in the ratings battle again, with both shows being up over last week again.

DATELINE:  New Japan is still working on finding a new TV home in the USafter getting thrown off AXS by Impact.  Apparently they could have sued for breach of contract but chose not to for some reason.

And here’s a WWE Top 10 list of double champions that popped up on my recommended list for some reason.