Too Much Dynamite

Hi Scott,

Just skimmed your latest Dynamite review, just quickly scrolling to see the star ratings but not the results as I'm from the UK and don't want spoilers.

Do you think they are giving too much away on TV?  You had two matches pegged at ****1/2 this week and several others from previous week's in the upper echelons as well.  Also, both title changes have occured on Dynamite and while it's nice to see this occasionally to keep interest in the programme you can't help wonder if it will hurt their PPV buys going forward.

I know Cornette gets a lot of stick for his old school views but I think he has a point when he talks about how they are just busting out every move and spot out there so quickly that it's just going to burn out because they've already done everything.


It's a different business now.  TV rights are the goal and PPV is the bonus money now.  But AEW is making money just by having Dynamite on the air and getting paid for it, so that's where their focus is.