Dynamite thoughts from a first time attendee

Been to about five or six WWE events in Atlanta plus the Nitro Goldberg won the title (which the atmosphere was sick for that).

Never experienced anything like what I just experienced tonight.  It's a nice feeling going to a wrestling event with actual wrestling and excellent from beginning to end.  I don't know what people outside of Atlanta view Atlanta fans in the wrestling world but I always think it is a passionate bunch.  But it always seems when I went to a WWE event save maybe the 2002 Royal Rumble Vince always gave a middle finger to the crowds especially lately.

The Omega/Page tag match was insane and fans were up on their feet the entire time.  Place went nuts for Cody as expected.  After cameras went off Cody grabbed the mic and told a story of how he got into wrestling and talked about Dusty.  He got very emotional after.  Dustin came out and hugged him.  Just a great moment.

One thing from my take is that what AEW has that WWE lacks is detail.  Detail in matches, detail with the presentation, etc.  They're seeing what's working and what isn't and fixing what isn't.  

Women's division still needs improvement like a lot but it isn't putrid and at least it's a little different than what the WWE women's division which has gone stale 

There were three more matches after in Dark but my buddy and I have to teach tomorrow.  

But amazing experience and best thing was I got in for free.

Thanks for sharing !  Hopefully they come close enough to me that I can go someday.