WWF Action Zone – October 30th, 1994

October 30, 1994

From the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY.

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Todd Pettengill.


WWF Tag Team Title Match: Shawn Michaels & Diesel (c) vs. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid

The champs attack the challengers from behind to start. However, Razor & Kid fight back and knock Diesle outside of the ring. Razor then hits Shawn with the Razor’s Edge but Diesel drags his partner out to safety. Razor heads out and hammers away on Diesel in the aisle before bringing Shawn back into the ring. Kid now takes Shawn over with a back drop then hits a flying body press for a two count. Victory roll gets two. Kid now tries for a hurricarana but Shawn counters with a powerbomb then tags out as Diesel attacks Kid in the corner. Diesel tosses Kid across the ring then uses a lifting choke toss to prevent being taken over with a sunset flip. Kid sends Diesel down with a dropkick then tags out as Razor hammers away. Razor knocks Shawn off of the apron then covers Diesel for a two count. Diesel catches Razor with a clothesline then peppers him with forearm smashes. Razor tries to fight back but gets trapped in the wrong corner as we go to break. The match returns with Shawn making a blind tag while up for a back suplex as Diesel runs in to clothesline Razor. Diesel beats on Razor in the corner then Shawn hits a running clothesline from the apron behind the referee’s back. Shawn tags in and get two with a corner splash as this match is being wrestled at an incredibly fast pace. Diesel is back in and sends Razor into the corner a few times before hitting a sidewalk slam for a two count. The champs keep using quick tags to maintain control but Razor keeps kicking out of everything. Kid gets the crowd to rally behind Razor and Razor escapes from a chin lock and takes Shawn over with a backslide for two. Shawn immediately dropkicks Razor then tags out as Diesel hammers away. The champs run interference as the crowd is really behind Razor. Diesel takes Razor down with a flying shoulder tackle for two as the announcers marvel at Razor’s ability to stay alive in this match. We take another break and return as the champs continue to cut the ring in half. Razor fights back then plants Shawn with an uranage as both men are down. Kid gets the crowd to go nuts while they wait for Razor to make the tag then Razor finally tags out but the ref did not see the tag. Diesel comes in to hold up Razor for Shawn but accidentally gets drilled with a super kick. Diesel is out on the apron as Kid lands several kicks on Shawn. Kid whips Shawn, who takes a bump up and over in the corner. Kid flies out with a somersault plancha then brings Shawn back in to hit a missile dropkick for a nearfall. Razor tags in and catches Shawn in a fallaway slam. Kid then hits Shawn with a spinning heel kick for two as Diesel has not even moved. Razor tries a super back suplex then as Shawn fell on top of him in midair, manages to roll through and get a two count. Rocket Launcher gets two as Shawn is now the one just able to kick out of everything. Razor hits a clothesline for two then kicks Diesel to the floor. Shawn jumps on Razor’s back for a sleeper and manages to bring Razor to his knees. Kid runs in to punch Shawn in the face to break that up and now we see Diesel start to get up on the outside. Shawn and Razor are crawling around on the mat then Razor slingshots Shawn into the post but not able to make the cover as both men are once again out on the mat. Diesel just pulls himself up then Razor makes the tag. Kid heads up top and hits a flying leg drop for a nearfall. Diesel is up on the apron and Razor tries to run in the ring but gets stopped by the ref then Diesel catches Kid with a big boot and Shawn covers for the win (17:55 shown) ****1/2.

Thoughts: An amazing match and up until this point one of the best tag team matches in WWF history. The crowd was jacked for the match and all four men were able to keep up the frantic pace. You were not seeing action like this on a regular basis at the time. I did love the ending here and how the challengers still look strong in defeat. And really, Kid eating the pin was the only way to go here as Razor was the Intercontinental Champion. The story of Shawn & Diesel being able to remain a cohesive unit after SummerSlam was tested here with Shawn accidentally hitting Diesel with a super kick again but Diesel was finally able to recover and boot Kid for the win. I know that in his “1994 WWE Timeline” for Kayfabe Commentaries, Kid said that Razor was the one who made the Kliq all better workers and hinted he laid out this match and many of their other matches too. This match is shown on the “Slamfest ’95,” “Shawn Michaels: Hits from the Heartbreak Kid,” and “The Kliq Rules” releases. Definitely seek this one out.


The hosts sell the match as being unbelievable then run down the Survivor Series card.


Bob Backlund defeats Russ Greenberg from the 10/30 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


WWF Greetings on Call ad airs. Gotta push that for the Holiday season.


Doink defeats Tony DeVito from the 10/30 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


IRS cemetery promo airs.


King Kong Bundy defeats Aaron Ferguson . For this match we saw a double feature of “NBO Sports” and Mike Zitka & Greg Gumball watching the Action Zone instead of football. Still trying to bag on the NFL pre-game shows and coming across as nothing more than petty and delusional.


Hype for Backlund vs. Luger on RAW.


Lex Luger defeats The Executioner from the 10/30 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”  . We also learn that Yokozuna vs. Mabel will take place next week. Unfortunately, I could not find a full copy of that show but that match is on YouTube so I’ll toss that in the next Challenge review.


Charlie Minn yells about no one doing it better than the WWF on the action zone.


Final Thoughts: An amazing tag match is the reason to watch this show. And the first two editions of Action Zone have given us two top matches. Next week’s match features super heavyweights but one guy on his way down the card and another who has never been above the midcard. The petty shots at the NFL are tiresome but this show has at least delivered on the action in the featured matches.