Jericho vs. Moxley

How do you see the main events of AEW Revolution going?  While Jericho’s run as Le Champion has been terrific, it seems like the right time to establish Moxley as the top guy.  It’s a nice alternative to WWE who has heels holding all three of their World Titles and opens up a ton of main event possibilities – including giving Sammy Guevara a title shot down the road. That could lead to Chris Jericho becoming jealous of his protege trying to take “his title” and set up an eventual feud between the two of them.

In the other big match, MJF has gotta go over, right?  How would you like to see Revolution turn out?

What kind of a monster would have MJF win after whipping Cody like that?  Cody's gotta go over.  

And yeah, I think Moxley is their biggest star and it's time to change the title.  He's also a tweener so you get more possibilities for title matches and feuds to play with.  

I feel like at the very least the Bucks need to win the tag team titles.