Booking a Wrestling Show

Hey Scott.

With a ton of wrestling podcasts out there, I hear some of these reoccurring “dos and don’ts” of booking a wrestling show. As
a fan, some of these things never bothered me, but it seems that some –
especially older promoters – swear by them.

I was wondering if you and the blog would agree with these
as “absolutes.”

– Face versus face matches are tough to book and don’t draw

– You can’t use a move on the same card that will be a
finish later on (so no one can use the DDT if Jake Roberts is using it)

-The champion always comes out last

-The world title is the main event and has to go on last

-If two guys fought years ago, you can’t bring it up in the
buildup to the current match (an example would not mentioning the WM17 match between
HHH and UT when they fought years later)

-You need a “cooldown” match before the main event and can’t
have several hot matches in a row 

Most of those are quite thoroughly full of crap.