WWF Monday Night RAW – October 24th, 1994

October 24, 1994

From the Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, VT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Tonight’s featured match is Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna for the Intercontinental Title. Also in action are the Smoking Gunns, Tatanka, Adam Bomb, and Diesel


WWF Intercontinental Title Match: Yokozuna w/ Mr. Fuji & Jim Cornette vs. Razor Ramon (c)

Savage predicts that Yokozuna will become the Intercontinental Champion tonight. Yokozuna attacks Razor before the bell then hammers away. Razor fires away after ducking a clothesline then finally drops him with a flying clothesline. Razor knocks Yokozuna through the ropes as the crowd cheers now Yokozuna takes a breather on the outside. Yokozuna finally gets back into the ring but then kneels down to listen to Fuji in the corner. Vince says this is the second straight day of a title shot on TV and puts over Bret vs. Owen for the World Title on the Action Zone. Razor tries a crossbody but Yokozuna catches him with one arm and slams him. However, Yokozuna takes his time and misses an elbow drop then Razor works the arm. Yokozuna rams Razor into the corner a few times then follows with a clothesline. Yokozuna hits a leg drop then takes another breather before taking Razor down with a headbutt. Yokozuna tosses Razor outside then Razor rolls himself back inside and tries to slug it out but loses that battle. Yokozuna now works a nerve hold on the mat as we go to break. The match returns as Yokozuna cuts off a comeback from Razor then hammers away in the corner. Yokozuna now chokes out Razor on the mat then stops to take orders from Fuji. Yokozuna covers for a two count as the announcers make football references and of course knock the pre-game shows while hyping the Action Zone. Yokozuna works another nerve hold this time with both hands as the crowd gets behind Razor, who tries to reach the ropes. Yokozuna whips Razor into the corner but misses an avalanche then Razor comes off the middle rope with a bulldog and gets a nearfall. Razor kicks and punches away now we see a casket being wheeled down the aisle. Yokozuna gets knocked outside then stumbles backwards and goes right into the casket. Yokozuna turns around to see the casket then freaks out and runs backstage, getting himself counted out in the process (9:28 shown) **. Savage tells us they are celebrating in the streets of Miami due to Razor’s win.

Thoughts: Probably the best you could hope for as an actual match with Yokozuna’s cardiovascular system being what it is at this point. At least Yoko showed some more fire than usual between his resting. That nerve hold spot was torture though. The finish was not the most inspired but the Yokozuna/Undertaker casket matches have been constantly hyped on TV so might as well plug that here too. Despite being the Intercontinental Champion, Razor does not have much going on at this point but is part of the Action Zone main event next week as he teams with the 1-2-3 Kid for a shot at the Tag Team Titles. This match is also part of “The Best of RAW: Seasons 1 & 2” DVD.


Survivor Series Report with Todd Pettengill. This is the first Survivor Series report and we are just less than one month away from the PPV. He talks about the first two teams will be announced in just a minute but we first listen to Bret from the “Action Zone” where he grants Backlund another title match and it will take place at the Survivor Series. Then Guts & Glory (Lex Luger & Adam Bomb & Mabel & Smoking Gunns) vs. Million $ Team (Bam Bam Bigelow & King Kong Bundy & Tatanka & Heavenly Bodies). Pettengill then says we will have another match announced this weekend. Well, the title match was a given after the Action Zone. The first traditional Survivor Series match though is not exactly heavy on the Starpower though and relying on the struggling Luger/Tatanka program.


We get a hype video for next week’s Bob Backlund vs. Lex Luger match. After Luger’s challenge last week this was the logical conclusion.


Smoking Gunns vs. Mike Bell & Barry Hardy

We are joined in progress with Bart working over Bell. The announcers talk about next week’s Luger vs. Backlund match as the Gunns stay in control. Billy then hits Bell with a powerslam as Vince put over Backlund’s victory over Bob Holly on “Superstars” this past weekend then the Gunns hit the Sidewinder on Bell for the win (1:55 shown).

Thoughts: No real focus on the Gunns other than mentioning how they were part of the Guts & Glory team at the Survivor Series. Most of the focus was on next week’s Luger vs. Backlund match.


Tatanka is backstage and runs down Luger.


Tatanka w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Scott Taylor

Tatanka hammers away as Vince brings up the possibility of Taylor winning this match. Tatanka drops an elbow then talks to Savage about the Slim Jim car driver for NASCAR and how he celebrated. Tatanka chokes out Taylor by using the ropes then Taylor floats over and uses a rollup for two. Taylor hammers away but gets clotheslined after a reversal sequence. Tatanka then slams Taylor and goes up top and hits a flying chop then uses the End of the Trail for the win (1:56). Tatanka beats up Taylor after the match then yells out for Luger that he is next.

Thoughts: More talk about the Tatanka/Luger feud while the announcers also talked about Slim Jim.


We see the IRS promo in front of the funeral home that we saw on “Superstars.”


Adam Bomb vs. Phil Apollo

Vince talks about Bomb also appearing on the “Action Zone” yesterday. Apollo attacks Bomb before the bell and lands a few shots but Bomb catches him with a hip toss. Bomb then slams Apollo as Savage reads the promo for the USA’s John Candy tribute. Bomb drops Apollo with a back elbow smash then hits a back suplex. Bomb now hits a flying clothesline then uses the Atom Smasher for the win as the announcers talk about George Bush appearing on “Saturday Night Live” to surprise host Dana Carvey. I believe Bush appeared via satellite. (1:45). After the match, Backlund runs out and puts Bomb in a crossface chicken wing. Backlund eventually lets go then celebrates as he heads up the aisle.

Thoughts: We got some pop culture talk here but after the match saw Backlund put out Bomb with the chicken wing to put over the submission as the most lethal in the company.


King’s Court with Jerry Lawler. We hear Lawler insult the crowd then talks about Queazy and Sleazy. However, tonight we can meet another king then says this is because of Doink always having Dink with him so he countered him with Queazy then countered Wink with Sleazy. Now, he will have to counter Pink and has someone and that is “Cheesy.” This Cheesy fellow was portrayed by Larry Gibson, who passed away in 2017. He was wrestling as Lil Ninja on the Independent scene. Lawler then issues a challenge to Doink and his midgets. Lawler’s jokes and set up to Cheesy were not very good. Its also clear where this is all ending up.


We get a hype video for the Shawn Michaels & Diesel vs. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid Tag Team Title match this coming Sunday on the “Action Zone.”


Diesel vs. Ben Jordan

Vince says that Shawn is absent due to “redecorating the Heartbreak Hotel” but in reality he broke his hand in a match five days prior at a house show in Baltimore, MD. Vince once again brings up what happened at SummerSlam and if Shawn & Diesel can remain a cohesive team this Sunday. Diesel overpowers Jordan and gets some cheers in the process. Diesel then hits Jordan with the snake eyes then cranks the neck. Vince notes that today is Jordan’s birthday then says its also the birthday of former NFL quarterback YA Tittle as Diesel has Jordan in a bearhug. Diesel toys with Jordan some more then finally puts him away with the Jackknife (3:48). Vince then jokes that he expects Jordan to go on strike after that beating then says how unlike MLB, the WWF will never go on strike.

Thoughts: They really put over the Shawn & Diesel team here, mainly about how long they can stay as a team despite what happened at the Survivor Series. Diesel was getting some cheers throughout the match and on commentary you heard the announcers knock Shawn for being arrogant while putting over Diesel’s size and strength but did not knock Diesel’s character.


The ad with Randy Savage telling the sad kid on the baseball field that they will never go on strike airs.


The announcers run down next week’s show. We will hear more about the Survivor Series, have Undertaker as guest on the “King’s Court,” and of course the featured match of Backlund vs. Luger.


Backlund runs out into the ring and dances around as Savage calls him “gonzo.” Man, Backlund was just on fire in his role. He still looked credible in the ring and the whole way he turned was refreshing.


Final Thoughts: The Intercontinental Title match was fine and they put over Backlund really strong heading into his match next week against Luger. However, the Lawler segment stunk and the first traditional Survivor Series match announced just does not have much heat at all. Seems like most of this show was building to next weekAnother thing was the lack of starpower. Wade Keller of the “Pro Wrestling Torch” reported a couple of weeks before this show aired that the company reached out to the Ultimate Warrior for a return but Warrior declined, stating the money was not good enough. Keller even reported how Rude was not going to the WWF either, citing the fact Rude was suing WCW for $630,000 due to a breach of contract. Sid Vicious was also talked about returning at this time but did not citing he wanted to finish softball season and demanded to be a top guy. Brian Christopher, in the USWA at the time, was also rumored to be heading into the company. And even Scott Norton had a tryout, losing to Bob Holly, on a 10/9 house show. And only one of those would come into the company in the near future.