The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 02.11.20

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 02.11.20

Episode 20 – “Money Where Your Mouth Is”

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

The Dawsons v. The Bouncers

Beer City Bruiser certainly fits in with the NWA old school theme.  Bruiser throws clotheslines on Zane and then Milonas chops Dave in the corner.  Bruiser comes in with some toothless biting, but a cheapshot turns the tide and Bruiser gets caught in the Dawson corner.  Dave with a chinlock, but Bruiser escapes and makes the hot tag to Milonas.  Milonas goes up and the Dawsons team up with a powerbomb on him for two.  But then Dave gets taken out on the floor, and the Bouncers finish Zane with a Powerplex at 5:28.  I wasn’t into this one at all.  ½*

(For reference sake, at this point on Tuesday night I suddenly crashed and then woke up for work the next morning, so I don’t even remember that first match.  Maybe it was better, I dunno.  I’m not a fan of the Bouncers either way.) 

Next week: The Crockett Cup gets a date and place.

Meanwhile, Nick Aldis cuts a promo on Marty Scurll while hanging out at the ROH show in Baltimore.

Thom Latimer joins us at the desk, and he’s excited to kick the crap out of old fart Tim Storm.  DON’T YOU SAY THAT ABOUT MY TV DAD!  Also, Eli Drake & James Storm are RUBBISH.  Joe offers Kamille yet another chance to speak, but she declines again.

Tim Storm v. Thom Latimer

Latimer attacks Storm from behind and slugs away, but Storm clotheslines him to the floor.  They fight over the lockup and then do a battle of the big bucks by trading shoulder blocks to stalemate.  Storm backdrops him out of the corner and they slug it out, but Latimer hits him in the throat and spears him for two.  Clothesline gets two and he elbows Storm down for two.  Latimer slugs away, but Storm comes back and elbows him down and follows with a neckbreaker.  Big boot sends Latimer into the corner, but he backdrops Storm to the apron and then hauls him back in.  Storm misses a blind charge and hits the post, and Latimer finishes with an implant DDT at 5:48.  Boo to that result, BOO I SAY!  Fun hoss fight here.  **1/2  Afterwards, “Momma Storm” comes out to bad-mouth Tim, but he walks off rather than having to hit a “woman”.

Trevor Murdoch is pretty pissed off about Aron Stevens running away so much last week, and he’s had enough of this crap.  This brings out the Question Mark, who chants the Mongrovian national anthem and challenges Murdoch to a battle of KA-RAH-TAY.


Last week at ROH, Marty Scurll makes his counter-offer to Nick:  He’ll put up $500,000 against Nick’s NWA World title.  I feel like this is leading to a Million Dollar Challenge type of deal.

Meanwhile, Nikita Koloff tells us all about how great Jesus is and he’s using his real voice and TRIPPING ME THE FUCK OUT.  That was so incredibly wrong.

NWA TV title:  Ricky Starks v. Matt Cross

They trade wristlocks to start and Starks takes him to the mat with a headlock.  Cross showboats with a backflip and Starks dropkicks him in the face, but Cross gets a backbreaker for two.  Cross comes back with a handspring elbow for two and a nice pump kick for two.  Starks blocks a suplex attempt and they exchange attempts until Starks hits it.  Starks with a tornado DDT for two.  Cross hits the Cross Cutter out of nowhere, but decides to go to the top and time expires at 6:05.  This never really got going.  **

Zicky Dice is out and he was BORED with that borefest.  Because he finishes every time, you see.

Marti Belle joins us at the desk and she’s sick of people talking bad about Melina.  Allysin Kay interrupts and accuses Marti of drinking the Kool-Aid.  What, is Melina actually Paul Heyman?

Melina v. Tasha Steelz

Melina quickly gets a neckbreaker and beats Steelz down in the corner, as Stu reveals that Melina has actually been campaigning for a title shot all this time but wasn’t granted one because she hadn’t beaten any top contenders.  Steelz comes back, but gets cut of and beaten down.  Steelz makes another comeback with running forearms in the corner for two, but Melina gets some kind of a DDT for two.  Steelz tries for her cutter, but Melina clotheslines her out of the corner and finishes with the legdrop neckbreaker at 5:00.  Afterwards, Melina announces that she’s wrestling Thunder Rosa for the title next week.  Dave Marquez questions who approved that, and Melina says SHE sanctioned it.  I don’t feel like she can just do that.  Match was not good.  *

The Rock N Roll Express v. Royce Isaacs & Nick Aldis

Royce’s girlfriend Mae Valentine is sitting ringside with Sal Rinauro for some reason, so Robert quickly rolls him up for two.  The RNR double-team Isaacs’ leg with the old stuff and punch Aldis off the apron.  Aldis comes in and tries a powerbomb on Ricky, but he turns it into a rana and Aldis lets Isaacs come back in again.  They fight on the floor and Aldis gets a cheapshot on Ricky, allowing Isaacs to take over in the ring with a back suplex for two.  Aldis comes in and works on Ricky, but misses a charge and it’s hot tag Robert Gibson.  Back elbow on Isaacs gets two.  Small package gets two.  Robert stops to slam Aldis off the top and then gets a backslide for two, but Isaacs pins him in the corner at 7:22 by using the ropes.  Just a match.  **

Yeah, not the best episode this week.  Apparently next week is a hiatus week and the show returns February 25 with a fresh taping cycle.  Which is also my 15th wedding anniversary!  What a gift to me.