Joey Ryan’s Possible Folly?

So rumors are circulating that Joey Ryan's going to under a reinvention, dressing up like Ned Flanders and creating a new "Right To Censor" SJW gimmick called "Cancel Culture" as of the most recent Impact tapings.

Could he make it work? I mean he's ridden the whole "Unus the Untouchable But the X-Gene Is In His His Penis" gimmick as far as he can go. Going full Ned Flanders/Ezra Klein (the later of which if he shaves his mustache) could buy him another 3-4 years and open further doors for him as far as overcoming AEW's possible aversion to hiring him over the penis gimmick. But then again, Ryan's been actively courting the SJW lunatic lefties, who scream "Anti-Life Justifies My Hate!" and "Die For Darkside!" while they try and lynch you for the slightest thing that upsets them or challenges their worldview or is critical of them. So he might just alienate his core audience with the gimmick as well. Not to mention that a funwrecker gimmick isn't exactly something that can open doors for people. Right to Censor pretty much killed everyone's career that was involved in it to the point that Batista's involvement was memory holed so that he could be rebooted as if it never happened and Val Venus had to start going by his christian name to scrub the stink off of him being involved in it and even then, was transitioned into a talking head role. And while a cleaned up and decent haircut wearing Stevie Richards might have been easy on the eyes, his career pretty much ceased to exist after the RTC gimmick. 

So does it work? Or is Joey Ryan risking his entire career on a longshot that could backfire on him and give Jim Cornette the satisfaction of finally see Ryan crash and burn one and for all?
People still have rumors about Joey Ryan?  The internet needs a girlfriend.