Daily News Update – February 14, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Observer’s out, here’s some tidbits.

DATELINE:  WWE is once again looking into adding a bunch of indie promotions to the Network, as they’re currently sniffing around to see about acquiring some of the tape libraries that are out there.  How this relates to their long-standing plan to add a “tiered” version of the Network, we dunno.

DATELINE:  Ted Dibiase has been a very bad Christian, apparently taking in millions of dollars for his ministry that were intended for the welfare recipients in MS.  It’s not known how involved Ted himself is, although his son was arrested recently over what is suspected to be this case.  However, I have heard that everyone has a price.

DATELINE:  Jeff Cobb has not actually signed a contract with AEW, although Cody offered him one.

And for your free match of the day, we’ve got a doozy.  Becky Lynch takes on a CAN OPENER.  Have a great day.