Daily News Update – February 13, 2020

Hope everyone had a happy Wednesday War and comments didn’t get too heated.  You know how I hate controversy.

Random story:  My wife was looking around at Value Village last night (Canadian thrift store chain, like Goodwill) and I found a metric buttload of TNA DVD releases from 2005-2007, like at least two dozen PPVs, and then about a dozen EliteXC DVD releases on another shelf.  As in the MMA promotion featuring Kimbo Slice.  Just a mind-blowingly weird discovery and I have to wonder who took the time to accumulate that collection in the first place and then how they all ended up donated.

DATELINE:  ROH is doing a tournament to crown a new Women’s champion.  Just…why?  They have Velvet Sky and about 2 other people.  Let it go.

DATELINE:  Double or Nothing tickets go on sale this morning if you’re looking for them.