WWF Monday Night RAW – October 17th, 1994

October 17, 1994

From the Burlington Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, VT

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and “Macho Man” Randy Savage


Doink w/ Dink & Wink vs. Jeff Jarrett

Savage refers to Jarrett as one of the greatest “stallers.” Doink is sporting a new wig, which looks really cheap. And Wink is given a yellow wig, which is nice to tell him apart from Dink. Jarrett bails to start then trips up Doink from the outside. Jarrett briefly works the leg but misses an attack then Doink runs wild. Doink works a side headlock on the mat as Dink & Wink try to rally the crowd. Jarrett catches Doink with a drop toe hold but misses an elbow drop and Doink goes back to the headlock. Jarrett now puts Doink in an abdominal stretch and tries to use the ropes for leverage but Dink bites his hand. Doink clotheslines Jarrett as we now see Queazy along with another midget dressed the same way. Doink is distracted and Jarrett takes him through the ropes with a high knee. Queazy and his pal stomp Doink until Jarrett rolls him back inside. Doink eats boot on a charge right before the break and we return with Jarrett still in control. Jarrett gets a two count with a dropkick then soon after that grounds Doink with a headlock. Vince says that the British Bulldog and Bob Holly will be in action tonight as Jarrett has switched to a chin lock. Doink comes back with a slam but whiffs on an elbow drop. Jarrett now catches Doink in a sleeper. Doink tries to escape but Jarrett takes him down with an enziguiri for two. The crowd gets behind Doink then he uses a butterfly suplex as both men are down. Jarrett is up first and tries a flying fist drop but that fails. We get a reversal sequence that ends with Doink using a powerslam. Doink fires up as the crowd is really behind him then Jarrett accidentally knocks Queazy’s friend off of the apron and that guy takes one hell of a flat back bump. Good lord. Doink nearly puts Jarrett away then we see Dink & Wink chase the other midgets around the ring. Doink gets two with a dropkick then hits the Whoopie Cushion as the ref is distracted. However, Jerry Lawler runs out and hits Doink with a flying fist drop then puts Jarrett on top. Lawler bails and the ref turns around and counts the pin as Jarrett is victorious (10:38) **.

Thoughts: The match was fine for what it was and that was for Lawler to come out and screw over Doink against a credible opponent. Plus, Jarrett was also getting a push as he keeps calling out Razor Ramon and having his “album” referenced all the time on commentary. This crowd was also really into the match. Doink hasn’t had this much fan support in a long time. And it looks like Lawler has countered Wink with another midget of his own.


After the match, Lawler tells us he is not doing the “”King’s Court” tonight and introduces the other midget as “Sleazy.”


We get a video package to hype the Bret vs. Owen Hart World Title match on the debut episode of “Action Zone.”


British Bulldog vs. Roy Raymond

The announcers talk about the Action Zone as Vince takes another shot at the NFL pre-game shows. Raymond slaps Bulldog but ends up walking into a dropkick after taunting the crowd. Bulldog runs over Raymond then hits a back drop before using a delayed vertical suplex. Bulldog now applies a chin lock as the announcers put over the Bret vs. Owen title match and the Hart Family dynamics. Bulldog goes back to the chin lock but Raymond escapes. Raymond uses clubbing forearms then a scoop slam but heads up top but takes forever as Bulldog cuts him off then hits a superplex. The crowd pops big for that move then Bulldog falls down after kicking Raymond in the gut and follows with a suplex for a two count then Bulldog uses the running powerslam for the win (3:30).

Thoughts: Lots of talk about the Hart Family feud as they are all but straight up telling us everyone would be involved in the title match on Action Zone.


Back from break and we see Bulldog flexing in the ring then Vince teases what happened to Arnold Skaaland this weekend on “Superstars.”


Clip of Burt Reynolds at his book signing.


Vince brings Bob Backlund to ringside. We see a replay of Backlund attacking Skaaland on “Superstars” then Vince demands that Backlund apologize. Backlund said maybe he should apologize as Vince says that is like the Backlund of old. Backlund then said he should apologize to everyone involved in wrestling……..that he ever chose Skaaland as his manager. Backlund said the best day of his life was 7/3/94 and calls out the “plebeians” for not paying the price to be successful and are all doomed in life. Backlund said he ran camps for kids, never “eaten marijuana” and never, ever swore in front of their children. Backlund then calls out everyone for not taken care of their kids then says that he will happily retire if anyone can escape from his crossface chicken wing. Backlund yells at the fans as Vince asks Backlund if he is challenging a fan to come down. However, we get Lex Luger coming down to the ring. Luger calls out Backlund for putting a magazine writer and longtime friend in the hold but has one thing to say and that is to pick on someone his own size. Several referees come out to separate the two as Backlund calls out Luger for having a lot of “panache” and that the plebeians will not be able to help Luger. Backlund now dances in the ring but the officials refuse to let Luger into the ring. The crowd chants for Luger but he ends up being escorted backstage. I have no idea why the officials held Luger back after Backlund challenged anyone and Luger called him out for being a bully. Luger was struggling enough with credibility as a face and this segment did not help. And a guest flag bearer was also not going to help him out.


Bob “Spark Plugg” Holly vs. Reno Riggins

Vince plugs Holly vs. Backlund this coming weekend on “Superstars” as Savage is puzzled by Backlund’s comments about never eating marijuana. Funny stuff from Savage. Holly hits a back suplex after a reversal sequence that nearly folded Riggins in half. Holly works the arm then we get another reversal sequence but this time it ends with Riggins taking Holly down with a hair pull. Riggins whips Holly into the corner then sets up for a superplex, even yelling “now you’re gonna see a Reno-plex” cut Holly tosses him off then uses a flying body press for the win (2:38).

Thoughts: Fun squash match here as Riggins was always a good worker and took some great bumps in this match. Holly gets the win heading into his match on “Superstars.”


We get a hype video for next week’s Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna match for the Intercontinental Title. That’s certainly a marquee matchup for RAW.


IRS w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Tim McNeany

IRS says there are two sure things in this world, death and taxes. IRS then promises to soon expose the biggest tax cheat in the WWF and that is The Undertaker. We get an “Irwin” chant from the crowd as IRS works over McNeany. IRS yells at the crowd then stomps away. McNeany dodges an attack in the corner and rolls up IRS for two but IRS goes right back on the attack then uses The Penalty for the win (1:46).

Thoughts: After hearing “death and taxes” on commentary the past few weeks we now have IRS saying he will go after The Undertaker for being a tax cheat to kick off that feud, which will presumably get more attention after the Hart Attack tour.


We see footage from this week’s “Superstars” where Yokozuna freaked out after Paul Bearer wheeled a casket down to ringside.


Heavenly Bodies w/ Jim Cornette vs. Barry Horowitz & Nick Barberry

Horowitz and Prichard start things off and end up in the ropes after a reversal sequence. Horowitz slaps Prichard then uses a reverse rollup for two. Both men tag out as Barberry uses a pair of hip tosses then a dropkick. Horowitz is back in and works the arm but Del Ray punches him in the kidney. Prichard tags in but Horowitz takes him down then tags out. Prichard makes a blind tag and Del Ray uses a floatover into a DDT. Del Ray catches Barberry with a thrust kick as The Bodies now cut the ring in half until Del Ray uses a moonsault block for the win (2:30). Vince then talks about Yokozuna vs. Undertaker on the Hart Attack Tour while plugging the Razor vs. Yokozuna match.

Thoughts: Despite the Bodies feuding with the Smoking Gunns it was never mentioned on commentary. In fact, the Bodies mean so little that the announces just used this as an opportunity to sell the casket matches taking place on the Hart Attack tour.


Luger is backstage. He talks about hearing all about Backlund ever since he started wrestling then issues him to a challenge. Vince says he expects Backlund to respond but we never hear from him again on this show.


Back from commercial as the announcers hype next week’s show as well as the debut of the Action Zone.


Final Thoughts: The crowd was hot for this show, which was live and the first of the taping. They set something up with Luger and Backlund and gave us a match for next week in Razor vs. Yokozuna. And who could forget the debut of Sleazy. However, most of the hype was done for Action Zone and the Hart Attack tour. Survivor Series is about five weeks away too and not a single thing has been announced for the PPV. In fact, they barely even mentioned the show at all over the past few weeks.