WWF All-American Wrestling – October 16th, 1994

October 16, 1994

This is the final episode of the show.

Your hosts are Todd Pettengill and Ted DiBiase

The show starts off with a clip of Vince introducing the debut of All-American, which took place 8/24/83.


Pettengill said we will see a lot of clips from the past eleven years as a man named “Ian” takes a break from construction but gets screamed at by DiBiase. Pettengill tells DiBiase they have to take down the set and make a brand new one for the Live Event News. This starts the show long bit of Ian stumbling around the studio while taking it down, pissing off DiBiase in the process. DiBiase also accuses Pettengill of being behind this as we are essentially getting a recycled bit you would see from Bobby Heenan & Gorilla Monsoon


The Smoking Gunns defeat Barry Horowitz & Chris Kanyon from the 10/16 edition of “Wrestling Challenge.”


A clip from 1/6/85 with Lord Alfred Hayes trying to introduce the Blackjack Mulligan’s BBQ segment but he messes up. Hardly a hilarious blooper and have no idea why they decided to include this in the special. However, with Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan working for WCW they had to include some clips that did not feature those two guys.


An ad hyping Bret vs. Owen Hart for the title on the “Action Zone.”


Pettengill brings out company spaz Charlie Minn to hype the Action Zone. Minn trips over his words, which seems to be each time out, and DiBiase threatens Minn if he finds out Minn had anyhing to do with All-American’s cancellation. Christ Minn was awful.


Yokozuna defeats Jason Storm from the 10/15 edition of “Superstars.”


Ian and his Scottish accent irritate DiBiase as he is trying to fix up the studio. DiBiase is somewhat amusing in yelling at Ian but this bit is already dragging.


The clip of The Undertaker & Paul Bearer on “Music City Tonight” airs.


An ad hyping the Hart Attack tour airs.


A clip from 8/14/94 with Johnny Polo sinking a trick shot, a-la the Michael Jordan/Larry Bird McDonald’s ad. Polo is either out of the company or just about to leave as he did not want to work behind the scenes any longer.


The WWF never going on strike ad airs.


Back to the studio as Ian makes more of a mess and pisses off DiBiase by trying to take away the Million Dollar Belt.


The debut of Queazy on RAW airs.


Doink defeats Corey Student from the 10/15 edition of “Superstars.”


Ian continues to stumble around and irritate DiBiase.


We see a brief clip of Burt Reynolds at his book signing.


The clip of Bob Backlund attacking Arnold Skaaland on “Superstars” airs. The hosts talk about that for a minute.


Shawn Michaels & Diesel defeat Reno Riggins & Gary Scott from the 10/15 edition of “Superstars.”


A clip from 2/2/94 with Vince flipping Doink’s giant inflatable mallet then introducing a Bushwhackers match. Oh boy what a classic moment.


Back to the studio as DiBiase chases Ian away.


Lex Luger defeats Tony DeVito from the 10/15 edition of “Superstars.”


Clip of Tatanka costing Bam Bam Bigelow his match against Lex Luger. DiBiase said it was just an honest mistake and assures as the CEO of The Corporation that he has smoothed over the entire situation.


A clip of Bret’s interview from Challenge is shown.


Owen Hart defeats Mike Park from the 10/15 edition of “Superstars.”


Ad hyping Jarrett vs. Doink for RAW


The studio is now practically empty as Pettengill says we will see him next week on the Action Zone. The hosts then run away in time before the wall Ian knocked over can hit them. The show ends with black-and-white footage of a building being knocked over to show how this show is history.


Final Thoughts: A rather pathetic way to end “All-American Wrestling.” I know this show was a complete afterthought in 1994 and studio wrestling was a thing of the past but they could have at least pretended to get some bits our outtakes that were amusing. But, when you refuse to acknowledge the past with people who are currently working for other companies this is what you get, which was mostly clips from the past several months and a recycled bit from a duo containing one guy you refused to acknowledge. Vince’s whole mindset about this is insane since this show was created with the idea to showcase different talent in other promotions and territories as a way to poach them. I didn’t mind promoting the future at all and they should have with Action Zone getting a lot of hype but this show was completely forgettable.