Rick Rude

Scott………let’s talk about Rick Rude.   Watching his WWF stuff back on the network has given me more of an appreciation for him.   

What’s your opinion on Rude.   Did he go

About as far up the card as he should have?

Could they have gotten more out of him?

Any particular reason why he left wwf in 1990 and headed to WCW?

Thanks as always.

He could have been a top guy for WCW at the point when his body fell apart, but he wasn’t part of the Hogan group so he would have been screwed anyway.  
And yeah, there’s a story behind him leaving.  Vince advertised him for matches with Bossman while he was injured, and Rick went to him and said that if his name is drawing the house, he should be paid for it.  Vince disagreed and Rude quit.