Moral Quandary?

So, Blood Money is coming up. And I know I’m not alone in thinking the Prince’s tastes are hilarious and hilariously outdated. Thus, it’s been easy for me to take a “moral stand“ and not watch these shows for the added benefit reason of not giving a shit about the card or booking. Standing virtuously (facilely, I recognize) feels good, even if it’s empty.

But I had this thought tonight… What if the prince was an NXT, indie and work rate mark? What if he was like, “I need Undisputed Era vs The Revival, Keith Lee vs Kevin Owens, and Velveteen Dream vs Roman Reigns.” This would be hilarious for a number of reasons, but I can’t help but wonder where my wrestling fandom ends, and my real virtues begin. I suspect I can be bought for less than I think for fun matches. Do we all do this already?

Jon Eks

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Eh, life’s too short for morals all the time.  Mortgages cost money.