WWF Wrestling Challenge – October 16th, 1994

October 16, 1994

From the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY

Your hosts are Gorilla Monsoon and Ted DiBiase.


The announcers put over the debut of “Action Zone” next week that features Bret Hart vs. Owen Hart for the WWF World Heavyweight Title.


British Bulldog vs. Barry Hardy

We see Charlie Minn in an insert promo and he tells DiBiase he does not have a price and cannot be bought. Hardy works the arm as DiBiase is heated over how Minn talked to him. Bulldog takes control now and hits a delayed vertical suplex before knocking him through the ropes. DiBiase blames Bulldog for costing Owen the title at SummerSlam then Bulldog suplexes Hardy back into the ring and soon after that uses a running powerslam for the win (2:30).

Thoughts: They played up the Owen/Bulldog feud a lot here and introduced the Challenge audience to Charlie Minn.


The Razor Ramon confessional booth “New Generation” ad airs.


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Miguel Rosado

Gorilla once again talks about The Corporation not having any gold as Bundy deliberately attacks Rosado. Bundy yells at the crowd as DiBiase laughs then pulls Rosado up after a knee drop. Bundy stays in control then uses the Avalanche with a five count for the win (2:18). Bundy tosses Rosado out of the ring after the match.

Thoughts: Bundy continues to look awful in his return but that’s not stopping the massive push he is getting out of the gate.


WWF Live Event News with Charlie Minn as he talks about the Hart Attack Tour.


Smoking Gunns vs. Reno Riggins & Chris Kanyon

DiBiase is back and promises there will be gold in his Corporation. Horowitz attacks Billy as the announcers talk about Sionne being part of The Headshrinkers with Gorilla saying he is a cousin. Horowitz busts out a Northern Lights suplex for two but Billy comes back with a pair of arm drags then a powerslam. Kanyon tags into the match and Billy powerslams him too. We hear from Jim Cornette & The Heavenly Bodies in an insert promo as they run down the Gunns. The Bodies have their wings back too. Kanyon lands a few shots on Bart then hits a slam but whiffs on a moonsault and after that the Gunns use the Sidewinder for the win (2:33).

Thoughts: Hype for the Gunns/Bodies feud and some talk about the rest of the Tag Team division, mainly Sionne joining The Headshrinkers.


A clip from RAW with Jerry Lawler introducing Queazy.


Mabel vs. Mike Malaccia

DiBiase says that Jeff Jarrett is a much better singer than Mabel. The announcers talk about WWF Magazine as bounces off of Mabel a few times. Mabel runs over Malaccia twice as the announcrs talk about the Hart Attack Tour. Malaccia once again tries to run over Mabel but gets caught with a clothesline then Mabel uses a leg drop for the win (2:25). Mabel then raps after the match.

Thoughts: Not much to talk about here other than the announcers hyping up the Hart Attack tour.


A clip from last week on the “Heartbreak Hotel” when Bob Backlund challenged Bret Hart for a shot at the title.


Raymond Rougeau welcomes Bret Hart into the ring. DiBiase talks about Bret facing a lot of pressure as Gorilla whines “Will You Stop.” Rougeau brings up Backlund’s challenge. Bret says that he respects Backlund and even sympathizes with him because he’s losing his marbles. Bret also says that Backlund lost his shot and there are a dozen other wrestlers for him to face so Backlund has to get back in line. Bret now talks about the final match with Owen on 10/23. Bret says this is his last chance and does not want to see his face again in the ring, but at their mom’s house is fine. Bret calls Backlund the best of his generation but now its a new day as Bret calls himself the best of any generation. The story here is that Bret doesn’t care how crazy Backlund gets because he beat him already and there are other challengers in line for a title shot so he will have to wait.


The WWF never going on strike ad airs.


Well Dunn w/ Harvey Whippleman vs. John Crystal & Mike Khoury

The announcers talk more about Action Zone as Well beats down Khoury. Well catches Khoury with a belly-to-belly in what appeared to be an improvisation as Khoury should have gone up for the powerslam. Crystal tags in as the announcers talk about what Backlund attacking Arnold Skaaland on “Superstars” as even DiBiase thinks Backlund went too far. Well Dunn beats on Crystal as the announcers now talk about when Skaaland threw in the towel and soon after that Well Dunn pick up the win with an Irish whip into a stun gun that looked like it killed Crystal (2:28).

Thoughts: Lots of talk about Backlund here as Well Dunn is the bottom of the barrel team in the Tag Team division.


Duke “The Dumpster” Droese vs. Nick Barberry

The announcers talk about Action Zone as Gorilla makes fun of DiBiase for no longer having his own show like he did with “All-American Wrestling,” a show Gorilla acknowledges is ending. DiBiase flips out because he could not buy the Action Zone as Droese takes control of the match. Barberry lands a few shots but misses an elbow in the corner then Droese goes back on offense. Droese says its time to take out the trash and uses a corkscrew elbow drop for the win (2:42).

Thoughts: Talk about Action Zone here and how All-American Wrestling is ending. Droese is clearly trending down in the midcard.


We cut backstage to Jeff Jarrett, who tells us he is the greatest singer, entertainer, and wrestler in the world today.


Jeff Jarrett vs. Russ Greenberg

DiBiase once again points out how Jarrett is a superior singer to Mabel. Greenberg uses a pair of hip tosses as Gorilla wants to know Greenberg’s name. Jarrett ducks underneath the ropes then trips Greenberg up and works the leg. DiBiase claims that Jarrett gave Barbra Streisand pointers on her last tour as Jarrett continues to work the leg. Jarrett now calls out Razor Ramon and taunts the fans as Gorilla wants to know why we’ve never heard Jarrett sing. Jarrett taunts the crowd while working the leg as DiBiase goes back to bitching about Charlie Minn then Jarrett finally puts Greenberg away with the figure four as Gorilla accuses Jarrett of stealing that move and his strut from Buddy Rogers (3:24).

Thoughts: Jarrett was filling time here with how long this match went. The announcers really talked about the singing aspect of his gimmick to the point some angle should be expected soon. Plus, Jarrett keeps calling out Razor so keep an eye out for that.


Another WWF Live Event News segment with Minn.


Next week in action are The Undertaker, Tatanka, 1-2-3 Kid, Jim Neidhart, Heavenly Bodies, and Adam Bomb.


Final Thoughts: With all the hype Action Zone is getting its clear that Challenge will continue to mean even less going forward. And this show was completely forgettable besides the Bret interview. Next week we get more squash matches and I assume other recycled clips.