NXT is the new Roman Reigns

NXT! NXT! Why are WWE ramming NXT down peoples' throats? NXT dominated 

Survivor Series. Then, Bianca Bleeurgh sets an elimination record at

Royal Rumble, only for Shanna Beezus to equal it.

Charlotte wins Women's Rumble, and is gonna face…Rhea Ripley? WTF?

Rhea Ripley isn't even dogshit under Charlotte's shoe, yet that's gonna

be her WrestleMania shot?

Meanwhile, Finn Balor, a former Universal Champion goes back to NXT. And

Kevin Owens has gone back there too.

I get Vince has a bug up his ass about AEW, but this is laughable.

They're damaging their actual RAW and Smackdown wrestlers to promote a

show with less than one-third of the viewers. Unless they're trying to

bring RAW and Smackdown ratings down to NXT levels?

Or just rename the whole promotion "NXT"?

It's really childish. And it's weird to think that shows that once had

Rock and Austin are being jobbed out to something that looks like some

third-rate outlaw garbage.

You know they're all the same promotion, right?  Just checking.