Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!!

I hope everyone had a fine weekend. I caught the Jon Jones fight because it was at a party my husband and I attended. I thought Jones won but apparently it was really controversial. Oh well.

In the newz. Thread favorite Alexa Bliss is dating a singer named Ryan Cabrera. Apparently this broke over the weekend but I just happened to glance at TMZ at the gym this morning.

Some people think they are going to job Goldberg to the Fiend. You guys are funny. Less than three minutes Goldberg will spear and jackhammer Bray Wyatt back to the funhouse and prepare for the Roman Empire at Wrestlemania. I’m CALLING IT!

Check out some of Scott’s old reviews from Steamboat-Flair matches of the 20th century. It’s nice to see that all this AEW hasn’t clouded Scott’s mind of what good wrestling still is.

Speaking of good wrestling, you might not see any tonight on RAW, but we are a short spell away from Blood Money III: Back in Training and of course Wrestlemania is right around the corner.

Keep. It. Clean.