Daily News Update – February 10, 2020

Whoa, Parasite.  Not gonna lie, I was 100% Team Tarantino for this year’s nominees, but at least the movie got a couple of awards.

Thank god someone finally used their acceptance speech to speak up for the plight of the bovine nation.

Also, I don’t know if Brian wants to take these over again post-concussion or what, but I’m usually up at 5AM for work these days anyway and I know you all love my snarky humor first thing in the morning.

To the news!

DATELINE:  The XFL did 3.3 million viewers for the debut on ABC.  It’s a good-ish number, but of course the real test will be what it looks like by four or five weeks in.

DATELINE:  New Japan will be returning to MSG with “Wrestle Dynasty” in August.  Um, but how are they gonna draw a crowd without Matt Taven and ROH to prop them up?

And here’s a WWE show about the best wrestling weddings, given the proximity of Valentine’s Day…