WWF Monday Night RAW – October 10th, 1994

October 10, 1994

From the Utica Memorial Auditorium in Utica, NY

Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Randy Savage


Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Ted DiBiase & Tatanka & Nikolai Volkoff vs. Lex Luger

Vince says that DiBiase has his own Columbus Day Parade with him to the ring. Volkoff and Tatanka also square off against Luger and that allows Bigelow to attack. Bigelow targets the back for a while until Luger fights back and knocks Bigelow through the ropes. Vince says that King Kong Bundy will be in action later as Luger fires away in the corner. Luger now works the arm and stares down Tatanka in the process. Vince calls out Tatanka for selling out and how he casted doubt on Luger’s integrity. Luger stays on the arm as Vince brings up IRS’s whereabouts. Bigelow rakes the eyes then catches Luger with a powerslam for two. Bigelow heads up top but whiffs on a flying headbutt. Luger then knocks Volkoff off of the apron and hits Bigelow with an elbow smash for two. Luger is back to the arm as the announcers talk about it being unfair how Luger has to deal with The Corporation. We now see Bundy at ringside and this distracts Luger. We go to break with Bigelow beating on Luger. However, we see Adam Bomb and Mabel head down to ringside. Bigelow sees them and stares at them before going back on the attack. Bigelow hits a DDT for a nearfall. Clothesline gets two. Bigelow then hits something that looked like he was trying to snap off a hurricarana but fell backwards and that gets two. Bigelow now applies a chin lock then cuts off Luger with a knee smash. Luger rolls around the mat in a way that comes off as a poor seizure impersonation then Bigelow cuts off another comeback attempt. DiBiase points his finger in Luger’s face and calls him a “loser” but right after that Bigelow eats boot on a charge. Luger fires away and hits a clothesline but for some reason rolls around and ends up near Tatanka, who tries to drag him outside. Luger ends up kicking Tatanka into the guardrail then Tatanka gets back up on the apron but Bigelow accidentally runs him into and he goes flying then Luger rolls up Bigelow for the win (10:50 shown) *1/4. Bomb & Mabel head into the ring and congratulate Luger as we now see Tatanka and Bigelow yell at each other until DiBiase intervenes. Vince notes how Bigelow should blame Tatanka for the loss and we see Bigelow and Tatanka in each other’s faces as they head backstage.

Thoughts: A bad match with poor performances by both Bigelow and Luger. The Corporation being at ringside made for a decent story but the execution of everything left a lot to be desired.


We get clips of Bob Backlund’s appearance on the Heartbreak Hotel from “Superstars.” This is where issued a warning to Bret Hart that he was going to reclaim the title belt.


Mabel vs. Reno Riggins

Mabel rapped himself to the ring. He overpowers Riggins to start. Riggins ducks underneath the ropes then challenges Mabel to a test-of-strength. The announcers talk about the New York City Columbus Day parade as Savage was there and we will see footage later on in the show. Mabel slams Riggins but whiffs on an elbow drop. However, Mabel regains control and uses a leg drop for the win (2:25).

Thoughts: Just a backdrop for the announcers to talk about Columbus Day. Vince was really into Mabel rapping here.


We get clips of the parade as Savage helped raise funds for the Cooley’s Anemia Foundation.


A video package to hype next week’s Jeff Jarrett vs. Doink match.


Owen Hart w/ Jim Neidhart vs. John Chrystal

Savage tells us that Owen will get his final title shot against Bret when the Action Zone debuts on 10/23. Owen backs Chrystal into the corner then breaks cleanly and after that the two trade hammerlocks. Owen works the arm after a drop toe hold as the announcers talk about Owen’s last chance at the title. Savage says that Bret has a lot of things on his mind as Vince says there is a rumor WWF President Jack Tunney will be singing a duet with Barry Manilow on David Letterman’s show. Vince then does some Weekend Update style pop culture jokes that have some of the wrestlers as punchlines that are not funny at all then we see Owen avoid a dropkick and hit a backbreaker before the Sharpshooter gets the win (3:40).

Thoughts: The big news here was learning Action Zone would have Bret vs. Owen for the title and its billed as the final title shot for Owen. They weren’t messing around at first regarding Action Zone by offering a free World Title match on TV. The jokes Vince tried here were really fucking bad.


The Undertaker & Paul Bearer hype up the casket matches against The Undertaker.


Todd Pettengill lists off dates for the Hart Attack Tour.


King Kong Bundy w/ Ted DiBiase vs. Mike Khoury

Khoury tries a dropkick and that does not have any effect. Bundy beats down Khoury then pulls him up after a two count and yells at the fans. Vince teases Savage being on the “Ricki Lake Show” as Bundy attacks Khoury in the corner. Bundy hits a fist drop and pulls Khoury up after two as the announcers now talk about Sharon Stone and Sylvester Stallone. Bundy stays in control as Vince mentions George Steele being in the film “Ed Wood” and uses The Avalanche for the win (2:47). Bundy also demanded the five count.

Thoughts: Bundy still looks terrible and once again the announcers spent more time talking about pop culture happenings than the current product.


Clips of Doink & Dink pranking Lawler on “Superstars” by having Lawler sit down on a pie.


King’s Court with Jerry Lawler. He tells us that he found someone to take care of Dink. Lawler then proceeds to bring out “Queazy,” who is a midget wrestler dressed like him. Lawler picked this name as queazy is what Dink will feel. Queazy is veteran midget wrestle Little Louie. Lawler and Queazy talk about being royalty as Queazy promises to take out Dink. This did not get over here but that does not mean we would be seeing less of Queazy.


We get an ad hyping the debut of the “Action Zone.”


The New Headshrinkers w/ Capt. Lou Albano & Afa vs. Corey Student & JS Storm

Student bounces off of Sionne a few times then tags out. Storm goes after Sionne and that has zero effect. Sionne hits a powerslam as Vince talks about the articles inside of “WWF Magazine.” Fatu comes in for a little bit of offense then tags out and whips Storm then Sionne uses a big boot for the win (2:43).

Thoughts: The New Headshrinkers looked like two singles wrestlers thrown together. Fatu even said in his shoot interview that they did not have any chemistry in the ring and that was evident off the bat. The crowd was dead and there was no mention of Samu.


The Razor Ramon confessional booth “New Generation” ad airs.


Doink & Dink come out as Vince runs down next week’s show. Besides the featured match we will also have the British Bulldog and IRS in action. Doink gives out Burger King crowns then promises a “little” surprise for Lawler this weekend.


Final Thoughts: If you’ve been following along on these recaps then you could tell that over the past few weeks these shows have gotten markedly worse. Between the uninspired performances and lack of talent, its getting tough to watch. Hell, given all the pop culture talk on commentary you would think the announcers were bored to death about this show. The big news here was Bret vs. Owen taking place on the Action Zone. Next week’s featured match is between two midcarders that are not as over as their pushes and the latter got mic time at the end to tease something for “Superstars.” Times will continue to get worse.