Hey Scott,
Are you done reviewing current day RAW/SD/NXT?
Also, have you seen the trailer for the new documentary about the Ruthless Aggression Era that premieres next week after Takeover:Portland?
Any chance of reviewing that series?

I’m definitely done with Smackdown.  RAW I might check out here and there because I’ve got a couple of months left on my fake US Hulu account.  NXT is tricky for me because realistically I can’t watch until Friday and by then no one cares about it.  Plus Dynamite does ungodly huge numbers on the blog anyway whereas NXT does very small ones, so there’s not much return on investment for me.

I haven’t seen the trailer but I’m glad they’ve hopefully moved onto naval gazing about something else other than the fucking Attitude Era.  RATINGS WERE VERY HIGH, WE GET IT.  Anyway, no, I’m not watching it.