Strong Style Saturday Thread – February 8, 2020

Hoo boy, there’s some stuff going on this morning.

DATELINE:  Former noted wrestler Bryan Clark is now a noted drug dealer, facing a bunch of very bad charges from January and April of last year.

DATELINE:  Newest wild speculation from people who should know better is that Amazon is a possible buyer for WWE, so they can put all that sweet, sweet content on Amazon Prime.  I’m just leaving this one here and walking away from it.  Although MLW is also reportedly in talks with Amazon.

DATELINE:  Taynara Conti is gone from NXT after some kind of “disagreement”.  No big loss there, although it must have been bad if WWE voluntarily lets someone go without at least throwing a $500,000 a year contract offer at them first.

So also this week, be sure to stop by and vote in the RSPW Awards over at MightyGodKing’s site:

Chris also sent me a cool and fun infographic as we attempt to determine the FIGHTINGEST CHAMPIONS EVER.  The winner should come as no surprise.