The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 02.04.20

The SmarK Rant for NWA Powerrr – 02.04.20

So apparently Dave Meltzer has successfully broken Jim Cornette on Twitter.  It was only a matter of time.

Taped from Atlanta, GA

Your hosts are Joe Galli & Stu Bennett

Sadly, the fantastic Dokken intro theme has been replaced with screamy bullshit from Pantera instead.  EPIC FAIL.

Tim Storm joins us at the desk to start, and he loves us all because we’re all his family.  I just wanna hang out with him and barbeque some burgers!  I don’t drink beer, because it’s gross, but I’d certainly have a Monster Energy with him.  Joe brings up a rumor that Tim is considering RETIREMENT, which Tim denies strongly.  IT WILL NOT HAPPEN.  Also, he will never raise his hand against a woman because his mama taught him right.  So Thom Latimer interrupts and lips off, at which point “Momma Storm” comes out and I’m pretty sure that’s not actually his mother.  The beard is a bit of a giveaway.  “Momma” suggests that Tim doesn’t want to fight Latimer, and perhaps he should go back to teaching so he can learn how to win a match.  I’m offended at this disrespect along with Tim Storm.

Meanwhile at Hard Times on Fite.TV, Thunder Rosa steals the show and wins the Women’s title from Allysin Kay.

Matt Cross v. Caleb Konley

Good to see Cross sticking around.  Cross legsweeps him for one and they do a stalemate and tumbling sequence.  Cross gets a forearm in the corner for two and then takes him down with a short elbow that gets two.  Konley fires back with an enzuigiri and yanks Cross off the top rope into a low dropkick for two.  Konley ties him up on the mat, but Cross makes the ropes, so Konley hits him with a senton for two.  Cross flips out of a suplex and comes back with clotheslines and a handspring elbow for two.  Konley with a small package for two and a rollup into a superkick and into a tornado DDT for two.  Good fire from Konley here.  Cros elbows out of a suplex attempt but walks into a palm strike.  But then Cross hits a handspring cutter and finishes with a shooting star press for the comeback win at 5:55.  Great showing from both guys here.  ***1/2

Meanwhile, Nick Aldis is concerned because he challenged Marty Scurll seven days ago and Marty still hasn’t responded.  Perhaps Marty realizes that he’s entering dangerous territory.  And hey, Nick is open to a counter-offer, but it better be high stakes.

Of note, now they’re selling commercials for the show, in this case a PSA for not letting kids play tackle football until they’re 14.  I feel like kids getting pressured into football at a young age is very much an American thing.  Anyway, cool for NWA, but I subscribe to YouTube Premium specifically so I don’t have to watch ads, so hopefully they don’t go overboard with it.

The Pope joins us with his new team, the Dawsons, and he’s pretty sure that Homicide doesn’t have any star power.  Eddie Kingston interrupts and he’s got a screwdriver and/or a wrench in his pocket, but the NWA asked him politely not to use it.  So he won’t.  But he SHOULD.  Because they’re disrespecting Homicide and that ain’t right.  So he brings out his new backup in the form of The Bouncers from ROH, and a fight is teased but doesn’t happen.

May Valentine vlogs about her relationship with Royce Isaacs and his issues with jealousy last week.  But hey, at least Royce actually won a match.  This was definitely a filler segment.

Third Degree National title:  Aron Stevens v. Trevor Murdoch

Murdoch grabs a headlock and slugs Stevens down to start, then follows with a few slams to put Stevens on the floor.  The Shooter runs away and hides behind the Question Mark, but that results in the Mongrovian getting sent back to the dressing room.  That’s racism against Mongrovians!  Back in, Shooter pulls down the top rope and Murdoch hits the floor, while Stevens frantically asks for the time from the timekeeper.  Back in, he chokes away on the ropes and gets two. Murdoch fights up with a small package, but Stevens puts him down with KA-RAH-TAY for two and continues asking for the time.  Murdoch comes back again, but Aron catches him with a neckbreaker for two.  We hit the chinlock and Stevens uses a Mongrovian eye poke to put Trevor down again, and now he’s at 7:00 of the 10:00 time limit at least.  Russian legsweep gets two.  He tosses Murdoch again with 2:00 left, but Trevor makes the comeback from the apron and comes in with a lariat that sends Stevens into the corner.  Murdoch slugs away in the corner with 1:00 left, and a full nelson slam gets two.  Stevens pokes the eye again and rolls him up for two, then hits a jawbreaker as time expires at 10:00.  Murdoch then hits his top rope bulldog for the moral victory after the bell, but close only counts in horseshoes and Democratic caucuses.

Meanwhile, if NWA hits 280K subscribers by March 1, Zicky Dice will do literally whatever fans want.


Sean recaps the goings-on this week, including a plug of ROH Free Enterprise this Sunday and the new Lucky 7 rule for the TV title.

James Storm & Eli Drake v. Jocephus & Mims

So weird that Jocephus is suddenly back after being gone for seemingly months.  I have many questions about where he went.  Storm works the arm and Drake comes in for the double-team and drops a knee.  Jocephus pounds on Drake with some forearms in the corner and it’s over to Mims, who immediately gets killed with a lariat by Drake.  Storm comes in and chops him down for two, and Drake follows with the People’s Elbow before Storm finishes with the backcracker at 3:15.  Maybe they’ll do something with Jocephus now that he’s back.

NWA Women’s title:  Thunder Rosa v. Allysin Kay

Kay takes her down to start and they trade hammerlock attempts on the mat before Kay rolls her up for two.  We get a shoving match and trade kicks to the back, but Kay rolls her up for two.  Rosa snaps the arm on the top rope and goes to work on it.  Rosa slugs away in the corner and spins into a Fujiwara armbar, but Kay makes the ropes.  Allysin slugs back and they trade running elbows on the ropes and then throw down in the middle of the ring in their tribute to Frye-Takayama.  Both women are down and Rosa comes back with a corner clothesline into a double knee, but Marti Belle comes out and calls her off for some reason.  Some of the other women chase Belle off while Kay and Rosa just stop the match and wait for her to leave, but then Rosa rolls Kay up for two to start again.  Rosa counters a slam into a stunner for two and follows with a german suplex for two.  Gory Bomb gets two.  Death Valley Driver gets two.  Kay misses a charge and Rosa hotshots her for the pin to retain at 9:27.  Nowhere near the PPV match but still a good TV main event.  ***

I can see that they’re doing a lot of recaps and character stuff for new viewers, but this was 70 minutes long and really only felt like they needed 45 to say what they needed.  I know that longer runtimes are better for YouTube and all, but this was the first one in a while that dragged for me and didn’t really add much to the stories, and really should have been tightened up.  Last week’s promo-heavy episode was much more fun and breezy.