The Big Dog

Good sir – I know you probably don’t want another Roman Reigns questions………but I just can’t help myself.  

After what seems like an endless feud with Baron Corbin that finally involved dog food this past Smackdown I got to thinking……..

A few years ago Vince obviously decided Roman was going to become “the guy”.   They were willing to sacrifice anyone else who stood a chance of becoming more of the guy than Reigns (Daniel Bryan comes to mind), and they seemed so unwilling to

even consider altering the plans no matter how much the crowd rejected Reigns as the guy (royal rumble 2015 with Reigns rumble win getting booed out of the building for example).  So I said all that to ask you this……….if they want him to be the the guy – why didn’t they just make him the freaking guy??!!  Why the terrible booking, loosing at Wrestlemania 34 to Lesnar, stop and start pushes and so on.  Why not strap the dang rocket to him and have him just destroy everyone in his path???  I actually feel

Sorry for the guy.   

I got nuthin for ya.